Must See: 2 Waterfront Cocktail Wedding Reception Venues

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Sometimes, you don’t need a huge wedding reception with a sit-down meal. Sometimes, you just want a chic celebration with a few of your closest friends and family. Or sometimes, you have a huge crowd, but you just don’t have the budget to feed everyone a gourmet meal. A cocktail wedding reception can be the right choice in all these scenarios.

The waterfront venues at All Smiles can host up to 200 guests, making them ideal for wedding celebrations of a variety of types and sizes. You might choose to have a cocktail wedding reception on its own, or you might have a cocktail reception in addition to a more formal dinner reception at another venue. The staff at All Smiles will work with you to coordinate the details so that the celebrations flow smoothly on the big day.

Docklands Waterfront Wedding Venue

The Docklands venue overlooks the stunning Victoria Harbour, which includes a stunning city skyline that sparkles in the night. The harbor welcomes dozens of ships throughout the day, and reception guests enjoy watching their coming and going on the water.
Docklands WeddingDocklands Cocktail Reception Wedding VenueDocklands Waterfront Wedding VenueDocklands Cocktail Reception Wedding

Sorrento Wedding Venue

The Sorrento venue overlooks the scenic Sorrento Beach on the southeast coast, and guests can enjoy watching the sun set over the waves. Guests can lounge on the patio outside the venue, enjoying the sunshine and the aromatic breeze. Lounge suites and plenty of plush seating ensure that your guests are comfortable wherever they decide to relax and enjoy each other’s company.
Sorrento Waterfront Wedding VenueBeach wedding ceremony sorrento
Beach floral ceremony set up

Local Attractions

Both venues are conveniently located to attractions around the city. Wedding guests can enjoy other fine dining or recreational options when they are waiting between wedding festivities. Your out-of-town guests also have easy access to plenty of recreational opportunities when they are not participating in wedding celebrations. If you are planning a secondary reception, the venues are also close enough to other reception venues to make coordinating convenient.

Wedding Decor

Both venues offer contemporary décor for a stylish and sophisticated wedding celebration. Receptions can be decorated in any theme you like, and the venue will provide an appropriate backdrop. The staff at All Smiles will work with you to make suggestions for décor, to help you figure out how to create the look you want, to recommend appropriate vendors, and more. Couples can also turn over responsibility for decorating the space entirely to the staff at All Smiles. The venue provides full catering, a sound system and microphone, décor, and more. You can choose from small dishes that represent local cuisine, gourmet fare, favorite comfort foods, avant garde cuisine, or whatever other type of cuisine you like. You can work with the chef at All Smiles to create the cocktail reception menu that best reflects your wedding theme and creates the kind of reception you want.

Wedding Spaces

The venues at Victoria Harbour and Sorrento Beach both offer indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces, which gives you flexibility for your theme, as well as for the weather. You don’t have to worry about what you will do if it rains or if the weather turns cold. Guests will be comfortable on site no matter what is happening outside, and they will have a lovely view of the landscape in the meantime. They will enjoy wonderful music, food, and drinks while they celebrate the newly married couple in style.

Wedding Pricing

Not only are the cocktail wedding receptions at All Smiles stylish and simple to plan, but they are also quite affordable. Prices start at just $105 per person for all-inclusive packages that come with both food and beverage. Depending on the options you choose for food and beverage, prices go to $150 per person in the pre-designed packages. However, the staff is also happy to put together a custom package that is designed around your preferences and your needs, including dietary restrictions for your guests.

More About Weddings at All Smiles

All details about rescheduling and cancellation policies are provided before a booking is locked in for a cocktail wedding reception. You will have the information you need well ahead of time if you end up needing to change any part of your wedding celebration. Having that information will make planning a bit easier and will take out some of the stress of planning your wedding. As stressful as wedding planning can be, reducing any of that anxiety can be a huge help.
The focus for the staff at All Smiles is to create wedding celebrations that are fun, relaxed, and easy! You will see their commitment the moment you call to schedule a consultation. The friendly staff are ready to go above and beyond to help you plan the wedding celebration that you want, and they will do whatever they can to make the planning process a bit easier. That may mean providing the services for you, or it may mean putting you in touch with the appropriate vendors to bring your vision to life.
All Smiles has received consistent praise from previous guests at the venues, and you can read many positive reviews online. Guests also leave the venues high ratings for their exceptional design, superior service, and affordable rates. You can book your wedding reception at these venues with confidence, knowing that many other couples have celebrated their weddings there happily.
Call to schedule a tour of the Victoria Harbour or Sorrento Beach venue today so that you can see for yourself what kind of wedding reception will be possible for you. You will see how stylishly the space is decorated, and you will get a glimpse at the stunning views that your guests would enjoy. You’ll also have the chance to meet with the catering and planning staff to start exploring the options for your reception.
In addition to wedding cocktail receptions, All Smiles also hosts cocktail receptions for other events, such as corporate parties, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, and more. Book your elegant cocktail reception at All Smiles and enjoy an event that you won’t soon forget.