Why Walk Down the Aisle When You Can Dance Down It?

Meagan Dill


When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, everyone has their own way of expressing their emotions. For some, nothing short of bursting out in song or dancing up a storm will do. Luckily, these kinds of events are often caught on camera and inevitably uploaded to YouTube, ready for our vicarious viewing pleasure.

With difficulty, we’ve managed to narrow down our list of favourites to five of the best wedding flash mob videos (in no particular order, naturally). Despite the fact that this group of videos shares the same format, each one has a unique aspect to it. Little imperfections, like an off-key note here or an out-of-time dance step there, are what makes each video loveable in its own right.

Whether you watch these clips to get a few ideas for your own wedding day or just for a bit of a giggle, they are sure to entertain and inspire. Enjoy!

“JK Wedding Entrance Dance”

Where better to begin than the one that started it all? This wedding took place in 2009 and the video quickly went viral. Five years later, it’s still going strong. In response to its success, the couple in question placed a message on the video asking viewers to donate to the Sheila Wellstone Foundation, a charity working to put a stop to domestic violence. The funds raised thus far add up to around $50,000. Talk about using internet fame for a good cause.

“Gary and Tracy Richardson’s Wedding Flash Mob”

What’s better than a choreographed dance down the aisle? A choreographed dance down the aisle led by the vicar conducting the ceremony, of course. In this case, the couple wanted their wedding to be traditional with a modern twist, and it was the vicar herself who suggested a flash mob. Coolest. Vicar. Ever (Be sure not to miss her solo jam session near the end of the video.).

“Wedding Flash Mob in Church”

When plain old dancing just isn’t enough to express your happiness, perhaps a bit of acrobatics mixed up with a few breakdancing-inspired tricks will suffice. And just for good measure, maybe a stunt or two involving the wedding photographer. Boys, as they say, will be boys. The ladies play an essential part too, though, appearing mid-way through the number and upping the cute factor of the number right before the guys go for their big finale centred around the groom.

“Epic Les Misérables Wedding Flash Mob”

No flash mob video list would be complete without a bit of musical theatre. As the longest running musical theatre show of all time, it’s no surprise that Les Misérables is a favourite for flash mobs, too. The song performed in this video (“One Day More”) is the closing number for act one of Les Misérables and features all the major characters of the show. The soaring, emotional melody and overlapping refrains certainly make for a dramatic performance – especially when it comes as a surprise to the audience of unsuspecting wedding guests.

“The Most Amazing Mother-Son Wedding Dance Ever”

It seems that father-daughter dances traditionally tend to get a lot of hype at weddings – but what about mother-son dances? This duo proves that they can out-dance just about anyone – except perhaps each other. Don’t be fooled by the inconspicuous beginning; the fun begins around the one-minute mark.