How To Choose The Music Genre To Be Played At Your Wedding

The soundtrack to a memorable moment sets the tone for the entire experience. That’s why picking the right music genre for your wedding entertainment is so important. Wedding entertainment has been dominated by live music for years.

Whether it’s live romantic serenades while walking down the aisle or a booming Abba tune during your wedding reception, it is impossible to match the charm a live band brings to a wedding, and there are endless possibilities.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing your wedding band, this rundown will help you get on the right track.

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Work With Your Budget

Would you prefer live musicians or a DJ, or a combination of the two? You can reasonably explore your options by establishing your budget. For your guests to be happy, a professional band or DJ should read the crowd and play all types of songs. 

The tunes should remain up-tempo as the dancefloor fills, interspersed with a few romantic slow numbers.

Choosing a song list for your first and last dance is important after you choose your band or DJ. You can also make a list of songs you do not want to hear.

Select Music Meaningful to You and Your Spouse

Choosing songs that are special to you and your partner is the first step in personalizing your wedding reception music. Your guests will enjoy listening to songs that tell the story of your relationship, and so will you. 

Try to include songs that are reminiscent of how you met. You should aim to learn more about what a wedding band can do for you on your special day. Create a playlist of songs that were popular when you met and ask your band to play them during your wedding reception.

 You and your guests will both enjoy listening to these personalized tunes as a throwback memory since it fuels nostalgia.

What do you want your music to do?

If you’re not much of a music lover, it might seem silly to ask this question. But music really can set the right tone by touching our emotions. And it is these good feelings that you want to elicit during your wedding. 

Therefore, if you want your music to have an impact, you should think about this.

During the evening, you will probably want everyone to have a good time and you may even want to get everyone up and dancing. They can’t do this if your 3 piece string quartet is playing majestically in the corner. 

A good reaction from the audience will also help you create a party atmosphere. Using music as a tool to create happy memories is a great way to establish your wedding as one to remember.

Picking genres and songs

You can think about what music genre is appropriate for you, your DJ or live band, based on the types of guests attending your wedding, how the music will be played, and the impact you want it to have. Whether it’s hip-hop, modern pop, rock and roll, 90s dance music, or R&B, there are so many genres you could choose from.

For example, younger attendees might enjoy the latest tracks from current or popular artists, while older guests might enjoy throwbacks to the 60s or earlier.

Alternatively, a mix of songs can often appeal to everyone’s tastes, despite the difficulty involved in doing so. People are more relaxed after a few drinks from the bar, and if they’re listening to tracks they haven’t heard in a while, who knows what could happen! 

You should also think about things like a song for your first dance, or one that you and your parents, or grandparents would enjoy dancing to.

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The choice of live entertainment alone is not enough to guarantee a good time at your wedding. To determine which music genre is right for you, consider what you want for your wedding entertainment. 

Stick to any of the above recommendations to help you choose the right music for your wedding. Doing so will guarantee that you and your guests are thoroughly entertained regardless of your respective tastes. This means everyone will have a great time at your wedding. And that’s what you want right?  

In spite of the fact that every reception is unique and that every crowd has a different taste, your choice of music will provide both your guests and yourself with a memorable experience that will live in their memories for many years to come. 

Congratulations to you both on your wedding day!