Best Melbourne Wedding Venues for 2021

Best Melbourne Wedding Venues for 2021

As Melbourne Wedding venues begin to re-open their doors, there will no doubt be some reshuffling to accommodate those that missed their big day. If you haven’t locked in a venue, here are some of the best locations for 2021. We interviewed dozens of newlyweds to deliver you a list of the best wedding destinations so that you can have your beauty sleep and your dreams come true, too! To quickly find the one that reigns supreme, we suggest you think about the vibe of your special day when choosing the location!

These venues are listed in no particular order. That would be assuming we all like exactly the same things and we know that just ain’t the truth!

Wedding Venues with Nobility

To honor your love in a grandiose manner, take a peek at these 5 breathtaking wedding venues.


Is your romance a classic love story? Then this Victorian marvel is where your ceremony & reception takes place! Throwing the bucket from an indoor balcony and saying your wows in an outstanding outdoor patio is the quintessential statement of love. Whether you’re a fan of soaring ceilings and traditional fireplace or you prefer to go for a leisurely drink outside in a whimsical pop-up bar immersed in warm lighting, Quat Quatta is a teriffic place to begin the new chapter of your tale.


If you’re you are a history savvy or an art lover, this iconic mansion is your Italian love song for your wedding day. It sits on the luxurious, imposing property that features captivating landscapes and backdrops fit for trending photos. This enviously inviting place is the wedding indulgence for those looking to splurge on the lavish festa and treat their guests to a memorable sleepover.


THE CENTRE IVANHOE Melbourne Wedding receptions
Dressed in a spectacular, art deco fashion, Ivanhoe prides itself with an exquisite hall that feels like freedom despite its theatrical, dramatic look. Take center stage as you promise “to love and to hold.” Have your first dance in the dazzling, imposing ballroom. The glam of Ivanhoe is much like the marriage itself: it is the ultimate luxury and will never go out style.


MELBOURNE TOWN HALL Ceremony & receptions
This historical venue is such an architectural and visual decadence that it will make your big day so exceptional, no other will ever top it. The dashing interior speaks in adjectives, and the soaring ceilings will make your wedding vows echo forever. From an elegant, lavish party to an intimate, dreamy affair, this extraordinary space is fit to feature the endless romance on the most wonderful day of your life.


Whether you aspire to have a remarkable traditional wedding, or you prefer a grand, modern-day affair, the extravagant Hawrton Arts Centre makes sure your special day becomes part of history. This visually striking space was used as a museum, library, and gallery. The jaw-dropping, timeless elegance of The Main Hall is where Romeo and Juliet meet the Great Gatsby while the quiet, unique Chamber boasts incredible woodwork and takes you back in the oldest time to enjoy its best.

Melbourne’s One-of-a-kind wedding locations

Do you think outside the box? The next 5 Melbourne Wedding venues are not afraid to speak up on how ditching the rules turns into a whimsical wedding adventure!


THE LINE Melbourne Wedding space
The perks of getting married in a vacant warehouse location are the symbolism of new beginnings and the freedom to make it anything you dream of up against cool, white brick walls. High ceilings and open space always make amazing pics because they add depth and leave you endless options for decor and lighting. Would you describe you and your perfect match as a couple bold enough to follow its trend? Create your offbeat wedding here! The location is everything your innovative mind and madly in love soul crave for your big day.


If you dig contemporary interiors and boutique wedding receptions, you found your venue! Housing the breathtaking panoramic view of Melbourne skyline, All Smiles Melbourne is a perfect place to host your dearest for an unconventional celebration of your special day. Overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbour, it’s all the water you need for your nuptial cocktail hour with those who matter to you.


NOISY RITUAL, Melbourne Wedding space
If you agree that a balanced diet is a glass of wine in each hand, head to this urban winery for a causal, festive soiree to tie the knot. In Noisy Ritual, you can enjoy the world’s finest grapes with decadent delights to match. Canteen style-bench tables fit the laid-back party, leaving enough space for step-claps, spins, twerks, and drops. This unusual place houses that fun wedding everyone is stoked about due to its playful, lively vibe, loose on formalities. It is a cool way to celebrate your love for each other without breaking the bank and overstressing about details.


RACV CLUB RWedding eception venue in Melbourne
Nature and math collide in Healesville to make your wedding dreams come true. Imagine getting hitched in a stunning, geometric gazebo while indulging in the alluring view of the enchanting Yarra Valley! This architectural marvel allows you to connect with nature like no other and is fit to house your vows and the celebration of new beginnings in a truly unique style.  This exquisite destination redefines fabulous wedding shots and is in line with everything true love stands for-freedom, admiration, shelter, and inspiration.


If you’re into industrial glam, and as Frank Sinatra, you like to do things your way, this mean warehouse is where you want to start your journey in two. For fashion-forward brides and grooms, this is your fix of cool, sleek aesthetics to feature on your big day. 40rd is a broad white canvas that leaves plenty of creative freedom to push boundaries, set standards, and customize everything that springs to your mind when you think of your wedding.

Traditional Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Are you loyal to all-things-classic for their immense value and timeless charm? Check out the following 5 Melbourne wedding venues that demonstrate why tradition matters!


BALLARA Weddings
Ballara proves fairy tales are not just for toddlers! With immaculate attention to detail, this majestic place exceeds your imagination.  Begin the new chapter of your life in the beautiful English garden engulfed with weeping willows. Hit the gazebo or strike a pose next to the picturesque water fountain for Instagram-worthy photos!  A dreamy pond, waterfall, and a traditional chapel add to the elegance of this extraordinary place while the warm evening lighting makes your special night feel like pure fantasy.


GABLES Traditional Wedding Venue
The bride to say “I do” on this lovely Victorian estate is chic, charming, and romantic. She is a woman of sophisticated colours: white as all things pure; beige like sweet layers of frosting; burgundy, as there is depth to her despite her innocence, and green, as she is a fierce, natural beauty. From a dreamy garden to tie the knot in, to a dazzling Gatsby party, this place promises dashing, Vogue-style photos and a classy, fanciful soiree to remember forever.


HOTEL WINDSOR Receptions Melbourne
Are you having difficulty deciding what kind of wedding you want? Your search may end here as this phenomenal place abounds in choices. To get the Beauty and Beast kind of ambience, choose The Grand Ballroom-gilded ceilings, soaring windows, a marble fireplace, and a long table, create a warm and solemn atmosphere.  The clean and sleek design of bright, minimalist Bourke Room gives out the flowy vibe and is ideal for those who like timeless simplicity and elegance.  There is also Wallis & Ed-a space for contemporary addicts looking for an exclusive, intimate wedding dining.


MARYBROOKE Wedding venue
Are you a fan of the Tudor style? Check out Marybrook Manor! This charming estate keeps tradition and quality alive! The imposing yards and a glossy pond ensure your special day is romantic, fresh, and lively. The breathtaking landscapes of the perfectly trimmed gardens and the woods of tall, beautiful trees is the scenery you want as you say your vows. The lavish chandlers and warm, classy space add even more fantasy to your nuptial affair as you dance the night away.


You love your privacy and look for a remote, peaceful place to tie the knot? The Eastern Golf Club is a hole in one! Quiet and sophisticated, it’s right on point for everyone with a taste for class and elegance. Soak in the sun as you make it official. Gain the advantage of the enticing scenery and use it as the magnificent setting for your photos. Have fun as the resident kangaroos and ducks witness your vows. Seal the deal with the dining tailored according to your taste, followed by an awesome party to celebrate love and the art of good life.

Chic Melbourne wedding venues

If you’re committed to exquisite design, the next 5 Melbourne venues are the poetry of style you want featured on your special day!


FENIX EVENTS Wedding spaces
For newlyweds with a weakness for elegant style du jour, Fenix rises from Yarra River to bring you a taste of unique and sophisticated wedding dining. Fit for an entourage of 300, you can have your ceremony on the amazing terrace surrounded by nature. Then head indoors for dance and award-winning bites. Cut the cake as the sun sets while enjoying the stunning view of treetops that brings the perfect balance to the cool aesthetics of this voguish space.


Getting hitched first-class has never been more enticing! Leonda hits home with a diversity of landscapes for your wedding imagery and is the IT wedding destination if you’re into romantic, fancy parties. Leonda has it all: a boat ride to get you there in style, the grand ballroom with a captivating view of the Yarra River, and greenery to counteract the perfectly refined interior. It boasts a fantastic courtyard to enjoy your prosecco and a jetty to host your whole party for an authentic wedding shot.


This outstanding place is a clean, posh, contemporary delight. The ceiling and lighting are to die for, and it’s a rare space where both round tables and shared-table seating work like magic, not stealing one bit of the striking venue design and the stunning view of the beautiful Yarra River. Take advantage of the gorgeous Elm trees and tie the knot on the ZINC’s alluring deck, suitable for cocktails and trending Insta pics, too.


Anchor in the marvellous Port Philip Bay to exchange the letters of love and have your Mojitos and Margaritas. The glitzy ocean is the glam difficult to top and is the perfect accessory to every gown and each suit. Sandringham Yach Club redefines sophisticated styling by enmeshing warm and organic lighting with the cool, contemporary interior. Say “Yes” on the spacious balcony and use the fabulous view as the picturesque backdrop for dreamy wedding shots. The breeze can also help you keep your chill while you cut the cake, or throw the bouquet.


FOREST EDGE Ceremony space
Do you dream of a chic and polished ceremony with an organic twist? Forest Edge boasts an elegant rustic restaurant with a stunning scenic view of the whimsical courtyard that complements the clean, yet fun design of the venue. This majestic place is for everyone with a taste for a romantic, formal gathering. Overlooking the wonderous Warburton Ranges, celebrate your happily ever in a setting that inspires, over a delish dinner made from fresh, local produce.

Down to Earth Melbourne wedding venues

You appreciate things for what they are and cherish them for their authentic beauty? You’ll find your venue among these 5 spectacular open-air settings!


There’s no better place to pledge to love deep as the ocean than by the beach, on golden sands. For everyone dreaming of getting hitched barefoot, this fantastic location is the taste of summer fling that lasts forever. Raise your glasses as the sun sets, enjoy the smell of the sea while you cut the cake. Have your cocktails in the lounge, eat your dinner on the terrace. If you like your party like your vacay, cool, fun, and romantic it’s bad manners to keep it waiting.


Wedding CHATEAU WYUNA venue space
Are you a romantic with a taste for adventure? Do you feel at home amongst swaying canopies, in the forests of trees? You wouldn’t imagine a rustic wedding without thinking of Chateau Wyuna! This magical place is the dose of mystery and wonder you need on your big day. Hidden away in the foothills of the magnificent Dandenong Ranges, it holds a charming 100-year-old heritage-listed Chapel. It boasts gorgeous scenery to say “I do” outdoors, and 2 reception rooms to choose from and rock the floor as the best night of your life unfolds.


Inglewood Estate is a rustic fairy tale: soothing, majestic, elaborate in detail. The chapel covered in ivy, weeping willows, enchanting gardens, fields, duck pond, vineyard-what more could it say an organic love? If you’re into textures, you’ll love the old hay shed for your party, the wooden bridge, and all the beautiful trees and boulders that surround the area. The breathtaking landscape was made for exceptional wedding imagery. The uniqueness of this alluring venue is sure to make your special day difficult to beat and your photo collection worth a thousand likes.


To celebrate the beginning of your new life, score Zonzo for its Italian spirit, captivating scenery, and three extraordinary locations to hold your ceremony. The Barrel Room embraces the idea of a Boho affair, while the Capella brings your contemporary, romantic dream to life. Architecturally stunning buildings, surrounded by marvellous natural décor, evoke feelings of admiration and make every wedding an out of this world experience. The Grounds is a breathtaking outdoor area with the most magnificent view in the Yarra Valley. Tie the knot surrounded by vineyards and hills for the organic look and feel of the most important day of your life.


If you agree that there’s no better “something blue” than the ocean for your special day,  the gorgeous Sails On The Bay rises to the occasion. Get hitched at the amazing Elwood Pier terrace overlooking the marvellous Port Phillip Bay. Its beauty is sure to draw unrivalled attention and hundreds of likes to your pics. Then head to the Sails to dine and dance your wedding bash away as the sun goes down. This classy, romantic location is for beach lovers with a weakness for elegance and guarantees beautiful photos and a memorable day.

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