8 Ways Every Bride Can Feel Fabulous On Her Wedding Day

Every wedding day is unique, whether dashing to the courthouse or spending several million dollars on floral arrangements alone.

Regardless of the location, all eyes will be on the bride, so she will want to look and feel her best. Here are our eight ways that every bride can feel extra fabulous on her wedding day.


Bride feeling good


Early nights can be difficult when friends and family are arriving from all over the country, and stress can make getting the full eight hours of sleep before getting hitched unlikely. Concentrate on getting enough rest for the whole week prior to the big day and sneak in a nap if the nightly social calendar is bursting.

Stay hydrated

Alternating between coffee and cocktails in the days leading up to the wedding will take its toll on the bride’s well-being and nerves. While it is tempting to start the celebrations early, try to limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. Sipping on lemon water and herbal teas can help the bride stay calm, hydrated and ready for the real party.

Plan your day

For most brides, the day of their wedding goes by in a flash. However, the morning can be surprisingly slow-paced until the chaos ensues. Plan the day meticulously rather than allowing the bride an opportunity to fret. Don’t forget to include time for phone calls and messages to any special friends and relatives that might not be able to attend in person.

Use your bridesmaids

Ideally, a bride chooses bridesmaids that are kind, patient, and will advocate on her behalf. The ladies that stand by a brides’ side are there for far more than the photo op and should alleviate any stress rather than adding drama.

Do a hair and makeup trial

Every bride should book at least one hair and makeup trial before her wedding day. We recommend doing this a few weeks in advance so that you have time to find out what goes into hair extensions and what style works best with the chosen venue, dress and accessories.

Be yourself

To feel fabulous, a bride needs to be true to herself. Don’t allow others to bully or coerce you into looks that are trendy or don’t make you feel comfortable. If you’re self-conscious about your dress, shoes, or the color of your lipstick, then this will show in your body language and general demeanor.

Have a hidden secret

A bride traditionally has something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. However, this doesn’t need to be on display. Sometimes a hidden memento offers a bit of courage, an opportunity to be quirky, or a calming influence. Whether you want bright blue sneakers hidden under your dress or a sentimental locket, sometimes a hidden secret is precisely what is needed.

Remember what this is all about

Focusing on the details that go into a wedding day can make it simple to forget the reason for the day. Saying ‘I do’ is a momentous occasion, though it is simply the first step of what will be a lifetime partnership.

Looking and feeling fabulous starts with life’s simple needs and being surrounded by love. These are the components of a memorable wedding that will ensure every bride feels like her most fabulous self.