20 of the Best Hairstyles for the Wedding- Goer

They say  ‘variety is the spice of life’, and we tend to agree- especially when such a considerable chunk of our lives is devoted to our luscious locks. We’ve tried to include a bit of everything, and something for everyone; ranging from the mind-blowingly easy to some that are better left in the hands of the more experienced. In all cases, these hairstyles offer a nice break from your go-to-do.

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The Wreath (Floral or Otherwise)

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The Updated Braid

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Classic Curls

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The Rockabilly Coif

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The Modern Roll

This is deceptively simple. Pull your hair into a ponytail, then pull the hair-tie to almost the ends of your hair- where it would sit if you had a braid in your hair. Then roll your hair upwards, in on itself, towards your head (keeping the hair tie in). Secure with pins.


The Knot

Split your hair lengthways into two (as though you’re preparing to tie pigtails). Literally knot your hair twice, as you would a piece of string. Secure with pins

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The Celtic Knot

(See tutorial at twistmepretty.com/2013/03/celtic-knot-tutorial.html)

The Slicked- Back Ponytail

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The Fancy Braided Bun

Part your hair as you like. Beginning at the part, braid the hair immediately framing your face. Add larger section of your hair as you get towars the nape of your neck, so that you include all of your hair. You should end up with two plaited pigtails (that will sit rather awkwardly due to varying levels of the braid’s tightness thoughout. Loosen the braids to give it an undone, romantic look. Coil the two braids around eachother at the nape of your neck, tuck the ends out of sight, and pin.

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Hair Bow

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(See how at abeautifulmess.com/2011/10/how-to-style-a-hair-bow.html)

The Sleek Deep Part

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Milkmaid Braids

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See how at keikolynn.com/2013/07/makeup-monday-milkmaid-braids-hair.html

The Classic Chignon

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Bed Hair

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(The Braided Upknot)

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The Accessory

Especially great for gals with shorter hair looking to spice things up.

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(The Stepford Wife Ponytail)

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The Inside Out Ponytail

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The Modernized Ponytail