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Meet Kirsty & Brett

Brett and I met at Bridie O’Reilly’s pub in South Yarra. We were “introduced” via the internet and spoke a couple of times before meeting. I knew we would get along because he made me laugh. Well, we were both pretty impressed with each other, and the first date led very quickly to a second, eight-hour date where we had our first romantic pash on St Kilda beach! Three months after meeting, Brett had to move from Melbourne to Sydney for work but we maintained a LDR until I moved to Sydney to be with him a year later.

The proposal

Brett booked an overnight stay at the Shangri-La Hotel, overlooking Sydney harbour. On Saturday we walked around the Rocks and did a bit of shopping before going back to our room to relax. The hotel staff brought up a bottle of Moet and Chandon, which I thought was nice, but a shame that we didn’t have anything to celebrate. Then Brett sat me in a chair overlooking our beautiful view and popped the question! I cried, and he presented me with an ugly ring he bought at Diva for $10! I was allowed to choose the “real” ring myself later!

Your Wedding Day

The day was perfect – the weather was warm and sunny. I had stayed overnight at a hotel with my mum, Maid of Honour and auntie. We had a leisurely breakfast before showering and taking turns to get our hair done. As the time drew closer to leaving for the ceremony things started to get a little more hectic and I was worried about being late. Little did I realise it wasn’t myself I should have been worried about.

My brother (who was giving me away) my MOH and I arrived at the ceremony venue about 10 minutes after the scheduled start time – ‘fashionably late.’ The groom was waiting nervously, the guests were seated. But there was no trace of my mum. We waited five, ten minutes – still no mum. After fifteen minutes she arrived and made a mad dash inside, and we were relieved that we could finally start proceedings!

The ceremony was a bit of a blur, I just remember Brett whispering to me that I looked stunning, and I tried to commit to memory the look on his face as we said our vows.We had a guard of honour as we left the chapel as Brett used to be in the Navy, so that was a nice touch. It was such a glorious moment as the sun streamed down while we walked under the swords raised in honour.

We had a great time getting the professional shots done. Our MOH and BM kept us laughing the whole time, it was really good fun.
The reception was great, a really happy, joyous atmosphere. The most memorable part for me was the speeches. They were all fantastic, didn’t go too long, and had just the right amount of humour and touching sentiment. Great day!