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Meet Michelle & Phillip

We first met through friends at a nightclub. We had a short chat and then I never saw him again for about 2 years. We met again at our local club and just hit it off. We exchanged numbers, and he called me the next day and invited me to the movies. Our relationship started that night at the movies.

The proposal

We had been together for 6 years and went to Sydney for a holiday. He told me 3 times he had tried to propose to me when we were there but something always got in the way (I think nerves). Well when we got back to Queensland 2 weeks later he told me one morning that he was taking me somewhere ( I sought of clued on) special. We went out to a beautiful restaurant had dinner then walked along the beach and he popped the big question (of course I said yes) and I cried.

Your Wedding Day

It took a year to plan and felt like it was over in a minute. It was the most perfect day of my life, nothing went wrong. I was told my husband to be was more nervous than me, I couldn’t stop smiling.It was a 4 o’clock wedding at a golf course and hair (4 hours it took) and makeup were done first. Then the dress, photographer and car arrived a little early all was fine. Finally in car and on our way, half way there Dad tells me he bought his wrong speech I felt so sad for him as he had been practising for weeks, but I was about to be married and I would be in trouble if I was late. Walked down the red carpeted aisle to my husband to be and told him I loved him. During our ceremony the celebrant made a few hiccups but that didn’t matter as I was about to become someone’s wife. I said ‘I Do’ and he said the same then came the tedious part photos. The taking of photos took so long but I know that is pretty much the only way to really remember your special day. We made it back to the reception and was introduced as Husband and Wife that was a funny feeling. Then we started eating, drinking, dancing and speeches. Before I knew it I had to say goodbye to everyone but I so wasn’t ready to go. Everything just happens so fast. We didn’t have a honeymoon as we were in the middle of building our new home together and sort of had no funds left. We had a wonderful night in the Conrad Treasary Casino a gift from where we had our reception. It was magical.