Exotic Decor Ideas for Your Tropical-Inspired Wedding

Planning your wedding is a fun and exciting process, especially when you’re just getting started

You get to make the decisions you’ve been waiting for, like where your venue will be and what your dress is going to look like. One thing you may spend a long time considering is what your decor will be.

When you’re planning a tropical wedding, it can be more difficult to think of what decor you’ll use than something more seasonally themed. Don’t worry — all you need is a little inspiration to get you started.

Here are some ideas for classic and beautiful tropical wedding decor. It’s an important part of transforming your wedding into a day full of dreams, so you can never spend too much time considering your options.

Use Rustic Wood Everywhere

When you think of a tropical getaway, there’s probably a lot of rustic wood and bamboo in the images you picture. It’s what makes up the bungalows, furniture and decor in island resorts and condos. It’s such an essential tropical detail that no location would be the same without it.

Look around for rustic bamboo decor you can use in your venue. Think about renting chairs and tables made out of the material or using it in your centerpieces.

Light Lots of Candles

Tropical vacations are where people go when they want to disconnect from the world. It’s nice to put life on pause sometimes, especially when it’s time to celebrate your wedding. You can still let people enjoy this feeling without hosting your wedding in a destination location. All you have to do is create the aura of getting away, which is where candles come in.

Candles will help people feel transported to a place where there’s no constant barrage of texts and notifications. You’ll still have lights in your venue, but candles will provide a calming mood that everyone can enjoy. Relaxation is key to making a tropical theme work. Just make sure to keep them away from any flammable floral arrangements.

Decorate With Tiki Masks

Traditional images of tropical themes may make people think of tiki masks, so why not use them as decor? They’re a great way to plunge your guests into the world of tropical vibes. Take your time to look at all the different ones that are made around the world. They come in many sizes, shapes and colors, so you could even get masks that match your color scheme.

Focus on the Color Green

Palm trees go with tropical themes as much as sandy beaches and drinks with umbrellas in them, but you don’t have to plant them around your venue. See if you can rent them or buy them already potted and use them as decor around your reception. They would also make a fantastic addition to your ceremony if they line the aisle. Want something smaller? Use palm branches on tables and draw the deep green colors out through other floral arrangements.

Invest in Fake Fruit

If the word “tropical” brings island getaways to mind, it probably also makes you think of fruit. It’s what every smoothie is called when it contains mango and pineapple in it, since those fruits grow so well in tropical climates. You can buy these fruits as decoration and give them to guests or eat them after the wedding. For those with tighter budgets, it may be better to invest in fake fruit. You can buy it ahead of time and not have to worry about it looking or smelling bad when your wedding finally arrives.

Make a Sandy Photo Station

Having a photo station at your wedding has become a popular trend ever since people began taking selfies. You can dress up a photo station with a cute background or props for people to use, but you can also make it tropical with a quick trip to your local hardware store. Buy a few bags of sand, a tarp and enough wood to build a small sandbox. Construct a basic sandbox and fill it with sand at your reception venue. It’ll be fun for people to take off their shoes and pose for pictures, especially if you decorate the background with a tropical picture or palm trees.

Hang Sheer White Voile

Sheer white curtains that may already be hanging in your home can be used as wedding decor. It mimics the look of mosquito netting that’s found in rooms and on beds at tropical getaways. You can hang them from the ceiling and drape them above the dance floor, lay them over chairs or even incorporate them into your ceremony. Hang tiny lights around them outdoors for a small relaxing hangout spot that everyone can enjoy once the sun sets.

Tropical weddings aren’t difficult to plan for, even when your venue is far from the beach. It all comes down to what you use for your decor, which can take some time to plan. Whatever strikes your heart will be the right decor for your big day, since all that matters is what makes you happy.