So, you love the planet AND you want a gorgeous wedding… well fear not, the two are no longer mutually exclusive.

5 amazingly awesome and simple ways to make your wedding as eco friendly as possible.

  1. Hold your ceremony and reception at the same location. This is not only great for the environment but also convenient for your guests (We at Bride Online LOVE a ceremony and reception combo!)
  2. Using recycles recycled paper for invitations and removing any excess like registry info etc Ask your guests to recycle the invitations.  Offer an electronic invitation with extra info (such as registry and RSVP)
  3. Use local wines and produce when possible
  4. Have a carbon registry for your guests to purchase credits rather than buying gifts
  5. Use native flowers and decorations where possible

We would love to hear your ideas so please leave us a comment below and tell us your green wedding tips!
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Image: Lotus Floral Design