The Cream Of Hen's Night Party Ideas

If you’d rather forgo the usual booze-fest that tends to define bachelorette parties for a more unique and… ahem… memorable party (whilst still ensuring an obscene amount of fun),  you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the absolute best ideas for throwing one such party.

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For the Traditional in All of Us (Except, “Traditional” Here Meaning a Good Old Sexed- Up Hen’s Night)

– Visit a local bar, buy your bride a couple (read: plenty) of drinks, and generally make sure she’s having the time of her life. This is also often helped along by playing some old- fashioned bar games (see below).

– Dance the night away at any club. If you want to hit up the fancy clubs, go right ahead, but this is a particularly great chance to visit novelty or straight up trashy clubs, like one holding an 80s revival night or foam party, or gay bar (if you simply CANNOT DEAL with being hit on, for example). Use this as the rare opportunity it is to really let your hair down!

– For a lower- key version of the same sort of night, try seeing a local band. You’ll not only get the opportunity to get your ‘groove on’ (pardon for so squirm-worthy a phrase) with your friends, but also be able to hold conversations and more properly socialise.

– Head to the strippers. Come on ladies, we all knew this was inevitable. A visit to or from the strippers is almost a rite of passage today, and for good reason- when else will you be able to participate in something so simultaneously exciting, hilarious and awkward, especially with your friends? I mean, life’s too short not to, right? If you’d like to embrace the spirit of this event, but arent so hot on having someone’s groin in your face, consider booking a  male revue (a staged- show where you sit in a bigger audience)- still plenty of embarrassing fun, with less personal involvement.


An Adventure-y Sort of Event

– Why limit the bachelorette event to a single evening? Consider gathering your girls together for a weekend away. This will depend on your personal surroundings- are you near wine country, the coast, or the mountains? Make the most of what’s on offer, book a plush hotel, and retreat into bachelorette- related- revelry for the weekend.

– Take a hiking trip! Australia offers hundreds of walking and hiking trails, varying from those that can be completed in under an hour to those which take a week to complete. Consider what your group might be into and plan your trip. Note: If hardcore, sleeping- in- a- bag- on- the- floor camping isnt your thing, consider “glamping” (‘glamorous camping’), where you basically live as luxuriously as one can in the great outdoors (Google “glamping + your area”). Most sites offer a proper toilet and shower, as well as somewhere to plug your curling iron. Personal servant to carry your luggage behind you as you hike not included.

– For those who love to be active, consider booking a mini sports-camp. These are great places to hone fun, usable skills like surfing, rock climbing, abseiling,  horse- riding, parasailing, etc. Hint: These camps tend to work best with single- person sports where there is a specific set of skills that need to be learnt.

– If you like the idea of getting away, but prefer a less, shall we say, strenuous activity, consider renting a private boat. These can range from a short trip around the bay to a several week- long holiday. A great way to introduce some old- world glamour into the daily grind.

– A great way to incorporate an adventurous spirit into the hen’s party, without substantial cost, is to organise a scavenger hunt. Put an altogether more adult spin on it by making one leg include visiting a bar or restaurant, an outfit change for a glamorous second location, or whatever else tickles your fancy. With this activity, the sky really is the limit.


For a Totally Unforgettable Experience

– Make some serious memories with a hen’s night photo shoot. Whether you opt for a staged photo, or hire a photographer to take pictures of the entire night, this is a great idea to encapsulate an exciting time in everyone’s lives. You might even be able to- wonder of wonders- display the photos as a show of friendship, rather than panic that someone will put up the photos of the night before on Facebook.

– Have a grown- up sleep-over. Like the ones you had in high school, only with cocktails and juicy gossip. Also an excellent opportunity to get your gaming on.

– Make it a day event. This could mean a beautiful brunch (a great idea is to go all out and hold this in a gorgeous hotel), or something like a high tea event, complete with cucumber sandwiches and scones. We are ladies, after all (plus, strippers are more exciting at night, no?).

-Similarly, consider a crawl of some kind. If a bar crawl isn’t quite your thing, a foodie crawl might be a good idea- think having each course at a different restaurant, or doing a cheese, chocolate, coffee, or champagne crawl (or just about any food you’re into).

– Another, more traditional alternative to a foodie crawl is to go on a traditional wine tour. Australia boasts a host of wineries throughout the country, so this is really a great option for just about anyone. But if you for any reason don’t want to go to a winery, its just as easy to pick out a chain of wine- bars in your city and go on a wine crawl. Easily as much fun as a champagne crawl, without the problem of hiccoughs!

– Fortune Tellers! Go in alone or with a small group, take notes, and review in a few months to see if they got anything right.

– Get tickets to an event: this can be a sports event, concert, broadway show, comedy festival, whatever! To amp this up even further, consider hiring a limo and pretending to be sophisticated ladies of leisure for the night.

-Speaking of transport, consider hiring a party bus to take you around the city. As tacky as it may sound, there’s no denying that the excitement a party- bus induces is one of a kind, and perfect in tone for the hen’s night party (I mean, isn’t this the one time we’re all meant to revel in everything spectacularly tacky?).

– If you’re up for something a little more fast paced, consider visiting an amusement park, a couple of rounds of laser tag, or even a bowling alley. They can each serve as a great warm up, main event, or even cool-down exercise of the day/ night.

– Another great idea is to spend the day in, and be pampered to your heart’s content. Massages, facials, and all sorts of weird and wonderful wraps are a great way to just spend a day with your girlfriends, without a care in the word (at least, you certainly won’t have any by the end of the day)- and isn’t that what the point of a bachelorette party is, anyway?


For a Creative Twist

– Perhaps the most traditional of these creative activities is, of course, the most salacious classes you can think of. They include things like learning how to perform an great lap dance, striptease, or perfect your bj skills. These are all great ideas (that may only be appropriate for a hen’s night party), so we say why not? At least they’ll come in handy!

– If youre looking for something similar, but a little more demure, consider taking a slightly sexilicious dance class, like belly, Indian or pole dancing.

– For the foodies out there, consider hiring a personal chef for a closed cooking class. You’ll be able to produce restaurant- quality meals that you love, and  come off as a bit of a domestic- goddess (if you aren’t one already).

– If cooking is really not the bride’s bag,  you can similarly hire a mixologist to teach you how to make some delicious drinks. And lets be honest, one can never overestimate the power of a vodka martini.

– If you’d like to bring out the artiste within, there are a variety of options. Think anything from art class: painting, pottery, drawing (life drawing is a popular theme for hen’s night parties)- basically, anything you can think of!

– Another idea that actually yields some goodies is that of jewellery making. Whether it be a cute pair of earrings, a necklace, or, inevitably, something bent into the shape of a penis. Whatever! Let your creative juices flow and just see what happens!

– If you’d like to commemorate the event with a cute little something, a really unique way of doing this is with a scrapbook. This can either be made before the event (or even the wedding, for that matter) and presented on hen’s night, or it can be made together on the night. You can either buy a scrapbook with removable pages, or simply create one yourself. Get your fellow bridesmaids to fill in a page each however they’d like- with a poem, a drawing, some photos or a simple note. This is not only flattering and unique, but really captures a very specific moment in time to be appreciated for years to come.


However you decide to celebrate, make sure that you make it a truly memorable occassion! Go all out, let it all hang loose, and have a cocktail for us!