Hen's Night Checklist

With all of the pressure that tends to come with planning a wedding, it’s nice to take a night off, let your hair down and enjoy the company of your best girlfriends. Your hen’s night isn’t just an opportunity to take a break; it’s your chance to celebrate your final few days of freedom, and to live it up, before stepping into married life. There’s a bit of planning that goes into putting on a hen’s night, but lucky for you, it isn’t your job. The maid of honour is in charge of this soiree, but it’s always nice to check in and make sure that plans are running smoothly. Here’s a guideline to help you keep on top of things while your hen’s night is being planned in your honour.

(Courtesy classyuppereastside.tumblr.com)

4 Months to Go

• This is probably about the time that you’re sending out save the date cards. Look at your guest list and have a think about which girls you’d like to invite to the hen’s night. If any of your favourite ladies live interstate – or even farther – it’s a good idea to give them a heads up on the fact that you’d like them to attend the hen’s night. This gives them a chance to make arrangements to be in town for the affair.

2 Months

• Sit down with your maid of honour and discuss the type of party you’d like to have. Make sure you’re on the same wavelength before plans head too far down the wrong track.

• Start thinking about who you’d like invited to your final night of freedom.

1 Month

• Make sure that the maid of honour has all of your girlfriends’ contact details.

• Check in with the maid of honour and make sure that the party venue has been booked and find out a little about the planned activities. Ask her to keep you updated on who has or hasn’t RSVP’d.

• This one is important: make sure that the party is not being planned for the night before the wedding. A hung-over bride is not a pretty sight. A week – or even two weeks – beforehand is usually ideal.

1 Week

• Make it clear to your guests that you don’t want embarrassing photos posted on social media websites. It’s a good idea to ask the ladies to send their photos to you so that you can choose which ones to upload or discard.

• This is it. The big night. Get dolled up, drink a little too much, party and let loose, you beautiful bride-to-be.