10 of Our All Time Favourite Hen's Night Games

What Hen’s Night would be complete without an array of games to embolden, inflame, enrich and engage all of your guests? Well, I dull one, I s’pose. We’ve handpicked not only our best game ideas, but those that can be played just about anywhere- at home on the couch, or in the middle of the dance floor. Use these ideas as the kernels of genius that they are, and put your own spin on them (and please, feel free to send us pictures when you’re done)!

(Courtesy junebugweddings.com)

 1. Ex-Charades

Divide into two teams and take turns acting out one of the bride’s former boyfriends, hookups, or love interests. Equal parts embarrassing, relieving, and hilarious!

2. Truth or Dare

If someone doesnt go through with telling you a ‘truth’ or completing a dare, they have to take a shot! These should range from mild (getting a guy to buy her a drink), to risque (convincing a guy to give her his underwear).

3. Never Have I Ever

Where someone suggests an act or experience that is probably not common to all, such as “gone skinny dipping”- those who’ve also done that same deed have to take a shot

4. The Most Likely To…

The bridal party votes on one person who is most likely to do a certain act, ( for example, most likely to end up with a tattoo tonight), and whomever is voted has to take a shot.

5. Guessing the Groom’s Answers

Here, every member of the bridal party has to think of a question to ask the groom and get him to answer it (try to include a mix of sexy questions, like where the craziest place was that they had sex, as well as some plain funny questions, like what item of his clothing she wishes she could throw out). Compile his answers and get the bride to guess what he said throughout the night. If she gets it wrong, she has to finish her drink, and if she gets it right, everyone else has to finish theirs!

6. Build a Bachelorette Book

In the weeks leading up to the Hen’s Night itself, buy a scrap book with removable pages and send it out to the attendees. Ask everyone to use create a single page that describes their relationship with the bride-to-be, or what she means to them. This can take the form of a page of prose, a poem, a drawing, a collage, or whatever else your imagination conjures up! Liberally apply photos and mementos of friendship. Collate all the pages, decorate the scrapbook, and present it to the bride on the night!

7. Name Those Knickers!

A girl can never have too much lingerie, right? Ask everyone to buy her some for her Hen’s Night. Have her unwrap all underwear, and guess who bought which pair! If she gets it wrong, she has to take a shot. If she gets it right, the buyer of said underwear has to take a shot!

8. Bake Her Cake

We all know that the infamous penis cake is a staple at any Hen’s Night party. So rather than presenting her with the cake and making her feign surprise, make sure everyone gets in on the raunchy fun!

9. A Scavenger Hunt

Not to be confused with the kind you played as a 10 year old. Make this one as x-rated as you like, depending on the bride-to-be’s personality. Some great ideas to kick you off include:
– Strangers’ business cards/ phone numbers
– Fake tattoos of x (plain old markers work well for this)
– A stranger’s pair of underwear
– A weird photo (a favourite is of a stranger wearing a pair of shoes from a member of the bachelorette party)
– A flavoured condom
May the best (wo)man win!

10. The Memory Game

Everyone writes down an experience they shared with the bride to be, using minimal words. The bride must guess who wrote what, and explain the rest of the story to the group. If you want to amp up the stakes, you could have the bride take a shot every time she fails to identify the right person/ story, and the guests take a shot every time she gets it right!

11. Let the Professionals Handle it!

If you, frankly, cannot be bothered with organising your own/ a friend’s Hen’s Night, check out these amazing vendors who do it best.  No mess, no fuss, all the fun, guaranteed.

Have you got any suggestions we haven’t included? Feel free to include them in the comment section!