Wedding Food; Eat Breakfast & Drink Locally Brewed Beer

We look at some of the hottest wedding food and drink trends for your reception

Your wedding dress was the star of your ceremony, but the food will be the star of your reception. Sure, everyone “ooh’s” and “aah’s” while you are dancing the ‘first dance’. There will be tears during the speeches. But people wait  for the “big wedding food reveal” of what’s for dinner, and the success of the night will depend in large part on the quality of the meal.

Signature Drinks

Forget about deciding between the Manhattan or the Margarita. You can create your own drink for the reception – one that your guests won’t be able to have again unless they are drink wizards and can figure out how to recreate the recipe. Don’t worry: You don’t have to be a drink wizard yourself to figure out what to serve. You can hire a catering company or bartender and create a signature drink for the event. You can give some feedback on flavours or what kind of liquor you want to be used, or you can give your mixologist free reign to make something great.
Be sure to include a sign or menu card that includes the name of the signature drink and tells guests what’s in it.

Local Specialties

The local food movement is growing, and it has made its way to the wedding reception. It is popular to serve a dinner made out of locally sourced meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. It is also popular to serve dishes that are local specialities. Google nearby breweries and serve their ales.
Don’t stop there. Tell the stories of your locally sourced food on the back of your menu and intrigue your guests.

Deconstructed Plates

Instead of serving a hamburger or sandwich the way you would expect, a new trend has guests getting meals that are “deconstructed.” So instead of getting a hamburger on a bun, you might get a plate that has a bun, a piece of lettuce, a slice of tomato, a slice of onion, a slice of cheese, a beef patty, and another bun laid out in a line on a long plate.
Deconstructed plates like these are very popular in restaurants and at weddings. Work with your caterer to create fun wedding food that could be presented this way. #fancy!

Unique Packaging

Who says you have to serve dinner on a plate? Some really unique packaging has been used to present dinner. For example, hot chips served in paper cones, a cocktail served in flower pot, salads are served in martini glasses, and smoothies are served in test tubes. There are all kinds of fun ways you can present food to your guests, so be creative.
The different packaging also gives you the chance to stay on theme. You can choose dishware or packaging that better reflects the overall vibe.

Wedding Food Stations

Everyone loves a buffet, but not everyone loves all the items on the buffet. For example, you may have pasta on your buffet, but some guests may not like the marinara sauce you served with it or may be allergic to tomatoes. You can give guests the same buffet option with customization by setting up a pasta station.
Other individual wedding food station ideas for receptions include omelettes, crepes, sales, and ice cream sundaes. You’ll spend a little more on the individual station because you’ll have to pay for extra ingredients and extra manpower, but you’ll make a big impression on your guests.

Breakfast for Dinner

Brinner has long been a popular meal choice. The TV show “Scrubs” devoted a whole episode to it. Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation” is always singing the praises of breakfast foods, and a lot of people agree with him. There is such a variety of foods that you can please just about any palette with a breakfast buffet.
Breakfast is becoming a more popular option for wedding receptions, even if the wedding takes place at night. Consider adding individual omelette or pancake stations, as well, to make a greater impact. You can also serve speciality drinks like Mimosas and Bloody Marys. Added bonus: Breakfast foods are usually pretty cheap (lots of bread), so you might be able to save a little off your total budget by opting for a breakfast buffet.

Different Desserts

The wedding cake is usually the only dessert at the reception, but that’s all changing. Now, there can be a wedding cake and a second groom’s cake or just a second cake for fun. Some couples get rid of the wedding cake altogether. No cake, instead we are seeing a towers of donuts, cupcakes, or even a platter of cheese! Yup. Cheese. Some do ice cream sundae bars, and some present a whole dessert buffet. But no cake for you.
Really, what we’re seeing with today’s wedding food trends and beyond is that there just aren’t any hard and fast rules for what you must do. You can serve anything you want, and the trends are showing that to be true. The latest trends present some tasty and interesting options, but you can feel free to explore some different choices and to set a trend of your own. So long as you have delicious food and a good time, you and your guests are going to be happy.