How to: Wedding Videography

Deciding how you want to capture and record your wedding celebration is an important aspect of the wedding planning process. Visual footage of your special day is something you and others will view for many years to come, so it is worth investing in quality production and modern technology, whilst also considering value for money.


Do I Really need Professional Video Production?

Although some couples question whether they actually need video footage of their weddings, remember that video will capture many things the photographer can’t, such as those natural, spontaneous moments that need to be seen beginning-to-end and somehwta contextualised to be understood, rather than in one snapshot (think of capturing the bride’s reaction to moving speech, for example). Video is what will capture the sound, music and atmosphere of your celebration, the wedding guests enjoying themselves and the more humorous and impromptu moments that occur throughout the day.

How much should I expect to spend?

As convenient as it sounds to simply have a family member film the occassion, more often than not, this proves difficult to achieve a professional-looking production without the right equipment and experience. Professionals also take into account environmental factors such as sound and lighting. If you want an impressive visual record of your day, it is worth the expense of hiring a professional.

Each company, however, offers packcages and deals that vary greatly in price. Depending on how extensive and comprehensive you want your video to be, expect to pay somewhere between $400 (often for the ceremony only) and $3000 (which often includes multiple camera filming the entire days plus extras).

Compare quotes from as many businesses as possible to obtain some idea of what is charged in the industry, and ask family and friends about their wedding video expenses. Whether you opt for a simple, elegant wedding video or a lavish production with all the bells and whistles is a matter of personal preference. However, ask yourself whether special effects added now will still look impressive in 10 or 20 years.

Common features often added during the editing process include titles, animations, or even photos of the bride and groom as children or when they first met. Music can also be integrated – perhaps the couple’s favourite songs, or a selection of the music played at the ceremony or reception.

What do we need to discuss with the videographer?

Discuss your needs and preferences with your producer well ahead of the wedding day. This includes the style and mood of the wedding video – you might want a formal, elegant tone or a more fun, light-hearted approach. Make sure the producer is aware of the wedding schedule, locations and times, and ensure your videographer is included as a guest at the wedding. Being involved will allow camera persons greater access to the events and encourage a more intimate and personal recording of the occasion.

Other questions to ask early in the process include how you will be consulted during the editing phase, and what happens in the event that you’re unhappy with the finished product. Clarifying these issues prior to the big day will keep unwanted surprises to a minimum and reduce the likelihood of any disputes.

Will we need to prepare in any way with the videographer?

One very important and final point to ask is the dry-run. As we discussed with choosing a wedding photographer, it is crucial that you do at least one dry run before the actual wedding, the video dry run just like that of the photo dry run can be a short informal moment or you can really work the opportunity.

Your photographer and videographer should book you for an hour or two and take you to the venue where you will be shooting your actual wedding pictures and video. Once there, they will work their magic on you and your groom as you work your way through some poses, discover some hidden gems and find comfort in each other and the photography and videography team. This breaks the ice for the big day and suddenly you look forward to being videoed rather than feeling a bit apprehensive about being the focal point all the time.

Thorough research and making your preferences clear will just about guarantee a stunning video to pull out for endless reruns in the future. There’s no better way to relive your big day than with a gorgeous, personalised video that captures the essence of your love for eachother!