Top 5 Wedding Chandelier ideas we ♥ right now!

Chandeliers, does anything scream more elegance? They come in all shapes and sizes today and have become a prominent part of wedding decor. Where there wedding is traditional, vintage, Gatsby, garden or something else, there is a chandelier to suit the event! Here are the top 5 we are loving right now.


1) The Traditional Crystal Chandelier:

So stunning! Sparkle sparkle and all that glam! Perfect for any wedding really (who doesn’t love a little glam added to an event?) But particularly fitting with Vintage, Glam, Gatsby and traditional weddings.








2) The Floral Chandelier:

These are really a true work of art. They can be very pricey but if it fits within your budget go for it! Such an amazing statement. There are also some awesome DIY versions floating about on the web if you want to try it out yourself!





3) The Wagon Wheel Chandelier:

Perfect for a Rustic or Barn wedding! Love love the addition of the mason jars to hold the candles. Its a really simple DIY believe it or not and gives a big wow factor to a more understated event.





4) The Colored Chandelier:

A chandelier in any shade your heart desires! Love this multicolored chandelier, if your wedding is a little more quirky and fun a colored chandelier may be the way to further spice things up!









5) The Twig Chandelier:

Beautiful and elegant, but simple and rustic too. Really love this trend right now. They come in all shapes and sizes and colours!