Finding the perfect veil

You have the dress (or an idea at least) your next decision is whether or not to have a veil.There are so many options and finding the right veil can be harder than you think. Don’t give up and go without one, read our guide to finding the perfect veil!
To help you decide what you do (or don’t want) you need to think about the “style” of the veil. Not all veils are created equal so here is a look at some of the more popular choices around:

  • Shoulder Length Veil
  • Chapel Length Veil
  • Mantilla Veil
  • Elbow Length Veil
  • The Blusher Veil
  • Wrist Length Veil

Most veils will come on a hair comb with can be attached to almost any shape head and hair do, although there are a few options that are pinned or tucked into the hair.
To make all the options a bit simpler for you, there is a look at some of the top bridal veil styles that will match your wedding dress perfectly. The larger the veil (ie the more tiers or the longer the fabric) the heavier it will be.
Keep this is mind, it may look amazing on a mannequin, but how does it feel? Will you need to see a chiropractor the day afyer your wedding? Does it require a small army of helpers to ensure no one steps on it and gives you whiplash?
Also keep in mind that you don’t want your veil to detract from you or your dress. Think about having a detachable option with means people will actually be able to see you properly after all of the formalities are over.
Deciding on the length can be done by:

  • Taking a tape measure made of cloth
  • Put on your headpiece in the position you will have it on your wedding day
  • Start measuring right where your veil will be attached. If you are not going to wear a headpiece with your wedding dress, then measure at the point where the comb will be placed
  • Measure all the way down until the point where you would like the first tier of the veil to fall. That will be the length of the veil that you will want to order.

Repeat the process if you fancy more than one tier.
Blusher veils (the shortest) are worn over the face and are measured from where you attach the veil (ie the comb) and are measured to where you would like the veil to end.
Any other veil experts out there with tips on choosing the perfect veil? Are you having a veil? Leave us a comment and let us know!
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