5 HOT Honeymoon destinations for 2010

Ah, the honeymoon. The calm after the storm. If you have been running yourself ragged preparing for your wedding this is the time to sit back, relax and reflect on your big day. Here are the Bride Online teams suggestions for this years HOT honeymoon destinations…
New York City
The City so nice the named it twice! new York is seeing a revival at the moment and whilst its always been a hot destination its back in vogue… Could it be Carrie, Obama or Alicia that have made the city that never sleeps back in fashion? We think it probably has more to do with a stronger Australian Dollar, but hey…
Get yourself to the centre of the world and soak up its electric atmosphere and iconic monuments. Wander around the village, hail a yellow cab and see a broadway show… go on, you know you want to!
Ah Paris, the city of love. No one can deny that this is one of the worlds most magical cities and that you just cant help but feel loved up whilst you are here. Whats not to love about Paris? Museums, Art, Food and Wine, Shopping and permitted Public Displays of Affection.. perfect for honeymooners
Rent an apartment, discover hidden gems and get all loved up in the city of love.
South Africa
South Africa may have recently hosted the  worlds largest sporting event and been temporary home to hundreds of thousands of beer drinking sports fans, but as the dust settles south Africa is straightening its self back up and and has SO much to offer honeymooners.  Grab your safari suit and head out on an adventure of a lifetime! A safari Camp on the Savannah or stay in a romantic lodge is a once in a life time trip and perfect for couples looking to get cosy…
Rock the Kasbah and experience the romance of Old Morocco.  Discover the walled quarters of the souks and winding lanes, stay in your own personal villa with privat a private pool and rise camels into the sunset over endless sand dunes. Morocco is rich in history and tradition and extremely romantic… Amazing food, scenery and opulence… so what are you waiting for?
Stunning mountain scenery, beautiful beaches, great shopping  and a diverse and interesting  history makes Vietnam a great honeymoon destination.  Amazing resorts offering 5 star luxury for a fraction of the price of those in other tropical destinations, Vietnam is also great value for money. Visit the north and its rugged mountains and limestone island formations or the central coast with beautiful beaches then make your way down south for a history lesson…  Get to Vietnam  before it becomes over populated with tourists… $5 massage anyone?
Image: encompass africa