Essentials to Ask When Hiring Your Wedding Transport

When it comes to wedding transport, everyone wants two things of their ride: to look great and run well. But there are additional issues to become aware of- varying from the substantial to itty-bitty factors that willl have a bearing on your big day. But don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered: use these questions to become a veritable expert on your vehicle for the day!


  •  Is the company licensed to operate as a wedding car hire company?
  • How many staff / chauffeurs are provided with the vehicle?
  • What are the staff/ chauffeurs qualifications and experience levels?
  • What type of insurance cover is used/ provided by the company?
  • Does the company have recent examples of weddings at which they’ve provided their services?  This will usually be in the form of display albums or videos, and will often be available online.
  • Are the vehicles that you inspect and the staff you meet the same ones that will be used on your wedding day?
  • How many people do the vehicles seat?
  • Are the vehicles used for other weddings on the same day, or just yours?
  • Will the car stay at the venue during your ceremony (to ensure they don’t leave for another job and risk delaying the rest of the wedding)?
  • Are any food and beverages provided in the vehicle?
  • What wedding packages are available and what do they include?
  • Are there any special offers available with the venue’s wedding packages (for example, reduced price for off-peak seasons, days of the week, or even times, etc)?
  • Do the chauffeurs carry umbrellas and assist the bride in and out of the vehicle?
  • Can we have multiple pick-up locations?
  • Are ribbons and similar decorations included, or do you have to include them?
  • If I book now, can you assure me that the prices won’t change before my wedding day?
  • How long is the vehicle hire for?
  • Are there distance restrictions?
  • What fees will be incurred if you use your vehicle for too long/ too far?
  • Are the vehicles heated and air-conditioned?
  • What happens in the event of a vehicle breaking down?
  • Are ‘back up’ vehicles always available?
  • Are there any extra costs associated with the hire of the vehicle?
  • When are deposits, instalments and final payments due?  How much will they be?
  • Are there any cancellation fees?