Wedding Shoe Checklist

Of all the weaknesses women tend to share, there are two that seem to rise above the rest: chocolate and shoes. It’s a little peculiar, then, that we spend so much time dreaming about the dress we will wear on our wedding day, yet leave it to the last minute to decide on the shoes that will adorn our feet. Don’t leave it too late. Follow this simple guideline and avoid the stress of a last minute rush to the shoe shop. Do us proud, girl. Do what we ladies do best – shop for shoes.


6 Months to Go

• By now, you’ve probably found the perfect dress and placed your order. That means it’s time to get cracking on finding the perfect pair – or pairs – of shoes to go with it. Start flipping through magazines, the internet, and wandering through shoe stores and getting inspired.

• Start thinking about how many pairs of shoes you will need on the day. Some ladies are fine with just the one pair of heels, whereas others need two or three. If your ankles tend to ache in heels, you might find that you can only wear them during the ceremony, and then need to change into flats at the reception. If your photo shoot is going to be outside, in a forest or on a beach, you’re going to need some sturdy shoes to avoid spraining a muscle. Put some thought into the types of shoes you’ll need before heading out on your shopping spree.

• While you’re dreaming about the perfect pair of shoe, keep your dress in mind. Think about the overall style you’re going for; the formality of your wedding; the length of your dress; and, if you’re particularly short or tall, consider the height of the heel that you’ll need to even out your proportions.

4 Months

• Grab your bridesmaids and go shopping for those all important shoes. If you have access to it, take a fabric sample identical to that of your dress to take along to the shops with you, and see how well the shoes will match the dress. If not, be sure to bring a few photos of the dress from different angles and in different light with you too. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you’re completely satisfied.

If you’ve already chosen your bridesmaids’ dresses, you could kill two birds with one stone and pick up the bridesmaids’ shoes while you’re out shopping with them. You’ll have to decide whether or not you want them to wear identical shoes, if you want them each to wear something with unique flair, or if you want something in between. Perhaps they could wear the same colour but each wear a different style of shoe, depending on their height and body type.

1 Month

• Start wearing your shoes in. Wander around the house in them, wearing them for short bursts of time, a few days in a row. Don’t leave it too much later than a month in advance of your wedding, or else you run the risk of having blistered feet on the big day.

• If you haven’t done so already, try on your shoes with your dress and make sure that they aren’t a tripping hazard. If the hemline is scraping along the ground or getting caught up in your shoe buckle, you might need to have your hemline slightly altered or, heaven forbid, go back to the drawing board and find some different shoes.

• Take a good look at the sole of your shoes. If they don’t have enough grip on them, you can apply some sticky little Velcro dots to the bottom, or simply use a box- cutter to create a cross-hatch design at the bottom of the sole to achieve the same effect. This will prevent you from slipping down the aisle.

The Day Before

• If you’re wearing more than one pair of shoes throughout the day, make sure that they’ve all been packed into the car.

The Big Day

• Prop your shoes up somewhere cute, so the photographer can take some pretty photos.

• Slip those shoes on and give a little twirl – don’t you feel like a princess?

• Take care of your feet. If they’re starting to ache, take a break from dancing, change into some more comfortable shoes, or kick them off completely! It’s your night, after all! Enjoy your party, twinkle toes.