Shoes to Dye For

After months of wedding shoe shopping, you’ve finally found the shoes that complete you, but your heart sinks when you realise they don’t come in the colour that you want. Do you:

a) Cry
b) Embark on a new shoe-shopping quest
c) Consider dying the shoes


The Internet is an excellent source of inspiration when you’re trying to find the perfect wedding shoe. You have hundreds of online shops at your fingertips, and you can make your task even easier by refining your search to look for a particular colour. If you prefer a more hands-on (or foot-on?) approach, then take a friend and visit bridal boutiques and shoe stores in your area, but be sure to have a sample of your dress material to match it to the shoes.

Ivory and white are by far the most popular colours for wedding footwear, and this gives you a vast selection of shoes to choose from, and a greater chance of getting what you want, compared to finding a specific shade of buttercup yellow. But don’t despair, if you’ve found the right shoes but the wrong colour, you can have them dyed. Take them to a reputable shoe dyer, rather than trying to dye them at home, so that you can be assured of getting the right results. Check out the most reputable, trustworthy retailers that we know of here.

The Pros

– You can match your shoes to the exact colour of your dress, bouquet, colour scheme or the bridesmaids’ dresses.
– It’s the perfect solution when you’ve found the shoes you love but they’re not in quite the right shade.
– Prolong the life of your shoes by dyeing them a different colour after your wedding, because how often do you get to wear white satin heels?
– It adds a pop of colour to your wedding attire
– Dyeing shoes is cheaper than buying a new pair
– When you dye a pair of shoes that you already own, there’s no need to wear them in as they already fit you perfectly.
– Even if you dye your ivory shoes cerise for the wedding, you can dye them black afterwards, so that you’ll get more use out of them.

The Cons

– Not all shoes can be dyed, so check before you buy them
– The colour can vary between different fabrics, depending if it’s silk, satin, canvas, leather, etc.
– Unless you get it done professionally, you can’t guarantee that you’ll get the precise colour that you want.
– Dyed shoes may streak or run if you wear them in the rain or in heavy dew, unless they are treated to make them water resistant.
– The area along the seam could have glue on it, which won’t absorb the dye like the rest of the shoe.
– Colours look different depending on whether you look at the shoes in natural or indoor light
– If your shoes have crystals, bows, sequins or lace, you may struggle to dye them
– Dye can be uneven where you shoe has details like gathers, knots and pleats

On your wedding day you want to look your absolute best, from your veil right down to your perfectly pedicured toes. So take the time and look for the perfect pumps, heavenly heels or superlative sandals, because even though they’re under your wedding dress, they’re still on display. Let your shoes be a reflection of your personality, and then put your best foot forward!