Top 10 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Band

Hiring a wedding band is one of the most crucial aspects of establishing an unforgettable atmosphere at your reception. A great band can elevate the mood of an entire venue and help unify your guests in celebration, whilst a not- so- great band can do just the opposite: distract guests with their lack of skills and, ultimately, bring the entire wedding party’s mood down. But what should you be paying attention to when it comes to finding your wedding day entertainment, and what are the essentials of sorting the brilliant bands from the bad? Follow our guide to ensure that you find the right band to suit your individuals needs and desires on your big day.


7 Critical Considerations

– Does the band have a particularly versatile lead vocalist(s)? Or, if you don’t want to hear a woman’s rendition of Michael Buble/ a man’s of Beyonce, look for a band with both a male and a female lead vocalists.

– Ensure the band plays music suitable to your wedding.

If you’re holding an elegant affair, you’ll probably want to find a band specialising in classic, easy-listening or jazzy music- not the latest pop tracks. Take care to ensure that the wedding atmosphere created by the band will blend in to all other aspects of your celebration, not compete with it.

– How versatile is the band itself?

For most weddings, bands will be required to lpay a mixture of slow classics, upbeat mainstream songs, retro pieces, the band’s own original songs, and of course, wedding staples, such as the Electric Slide. Will your band be able to fulfil these requirement and appeal to all age groups and tastes? A mixed reaction to a band will leave you with half a room dancing and a definite damper on the event’s ambience.

– Research your candidates before you commit to any of them. Find out when the band was established, how long its current members have been playing together (members can often change, resulting in a different band dynamic and sound), and whether they specialise in weddings. It’s best to opt for more experienced bands who work well together and understand general needs and protocols associated with weddings.

– Will the band physically fit the venue?

Many venues provide limited spaces that can be occupied by small bands, but are unable to easily accommodate larger bands or those with bigger equiptment. Consult with your venue manager about whether you’d be able to find extra space for the band if you’re concerned, but if possible, try to keep it simple by hiring a band you know will be able to comfortably fit into the allotted venue space.

– Read all the reviews of the band you can get your hands on!

You can normally find these on the band’s website- a testimonial accompanied by a photo of the couple and date of the wedding should be proof enough that the review is real. Whilst glowing testimonials are a good indication of a quality act, try to pay attention to oth