5 Pro Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Jewellery

Cheers! You finally did it! You found the one. Now, it’s time to buckle down to the details, from maid of honour and decorations to wedding dress and jewels. The most exciting part of the wedding preparation process is picking out the jewellery; it’s one of the elements that set the tone for your big day. They are the finishing touches to your wedding appearance, which tie everything together.

A bride’s sense of ownership for her gown can be improved with jewellery and ornamentation. They offer a personal touch to the bridal dress. Therefore, it would be wise to be careful when picking your bridal jewellery. Instead of outshining your wedding gown, go for what will complement or improve it. Looking for the perfect wedding jewellery can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Just choose what you admire, and consider these pointers to help you find your bridal jewellery to have a wedding ceremony you’ll remember warmly for decades to come.

Simplicity Is Gold

Wedding Jewellery

The timeless adage less is more rings true when selecting jewellery for your bridal ceremony. As the bride, the worst you can do is exaggerate your jewellery. It’s vital to remember that your jewellery pieces shouldn’t overshadow your gown. The wedding dress and jewellery should complement or balance each other. For example, don’t wear a necklace if your wedding dress has an ornamental neckline. Consider a stylish set of drop earrings instead to complete the appearance.

Additionally, if the design of your gown is simple, then step out with an adorned necklace. It can give you a clean and appealing look. It’s only a matter of matching your jewels. With the proper separation, you might just create a wonderfully attractive look.

Your Rings Don’t Have To Match

You might choose to wear your engagement and wedding ring on your wedding day. Therefore, these two should go with the rest of your bridal jewellery too. It doesn’t imply that everything must be in perfect harmony. For instance, if your commitment ring is an emerald cut, you don’t have to get emerald-cut diamond earrings. Metals, too, don’t have to match. If your commitment ring is gold, that doesn’t rule out diamonds for your wedding. Just be deliberate in your picks; choose a stone or metal that means something to you. If diamonds are your preference, Diamond Jewellery by Dracakis has a great collection.

Your Hairstyle Dictates A Lot

Your hairdo during your wedding day can play a significant part in the type of bridal jewellery you choose, especially for your earrings.

An up-do is always perfect. It allows lots of freedom in styling, mainly when choosing earrings. Long or large earrings, like drop earrings, look great with an up-do. Additionally, up-dos are also perfect for integrating hair jewels. But, if you choose to wear hair jewels, consider how they’ll pair with your earrings, necklace, or bracelet. If you’re going for a large wig, you might want to ensure your earrings and chain aren’t too loud to prevent exaggeration.

On the other hand, a down-do is also an attractive choice for your wedding. However, it would help to choose your bridal jewellery with caution with this hairstyle, mostly earrings. Subtle diamond earrings, for instance, are great with down-dos because they can conceal large earrings. Nevertheless, you can still let your hair down and get large earrings. Consider long earrings that shine through your hair if you desire to wear large earrings with a down-do.

Pick Something From The Past

Wedding Jewellery

Do you own any jewellery that you inherited from somebody dear to you? What about the gorgeous pearl earrings that your grandma gave you or the locket your dad gave you years ago. Now’s the time to fish them out. However, if you don’t own such timeless pieces, you can still have a custom one made. Consider buying a piece of jewellery that can grow into an heirloom and serve as a continuous memento of your wedding day.

Your Comfort Is Vital

Choose comfortable jewellery. Remember, it’s a day marked by hours of celebrations. Avoid wearing heavy pieces of jewellery. They might be strenuous on the neck and wear you down on the dance floor.

Final Thoughts

The best jewellery pieces ensure that your wedding day looks stylish, simple, and ageless. It may be daunting to pick your set of jewels, but with the tips above, choosing your pieces can be fun and easy. Note that what’s now popular may not be fashionable a few years later. Think about your Aunt Jane’s bridal photo book from the 70s; that’s what you’re working hard to avoid, brides!