Dressmaker Checklist

For millions of women the world over, The Dress is something they’ve been fantasising about since they were little girls. For millions of others, it hasn’t been quite decided on, irrespective of the date creeping towards them. Whatever your case, If you’re like most women, you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were a little a girl. Even before your fella popped the question (or perhaps before you’d even met him) you had probably already decided on the style, material and hue. This checklist will help you to plan the timeframe that you need to convey that vision to your dressmaker, so that they can turn your dress dreams into a reality.

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Keep in mind that this guideline isn’t the be all or end all of checklists- everyone’s timeline will differ depending on the style of dress you want , the amount of detail involved, and will of course, vary from dressmaker to dressmaker. It is a fantastic general point of reference, however, as it includes a generous timeframe and dictates the typical order in which dresses are created. In other words, we’ve tried to keep it as simple and foolproof as possible!

One Year to Go

• If you haven’t been doing so since you left your mother’s womb, start collecting some pictures of dresses you like, as well as material samples, to explain your wedding dress vision to a dressmaker.

10 Months

• Head to a bridal store and try on some off-the-rack dresses. There’s no need to tell the sales assistant that you have no intention of actually purchasing one, but trying a few on will give you an idea of what style best suits your body type.

9 Months

• Once you’ve got a pretty clear picture in your mind – and some clippings to explain your ideas – it’s time to consult a dressmaker or two.
• Don’t be upset if your dressmaker tells you that some of your ideas aren’t realistic. She/he is an expert and knows which materials can be used with which styles, as well as which ones will suit your body shape.
• Ask the dressmaker about purchasing material – is it your responsibility or theirs? If it’s yours, make sure that you are clear on what type of fabric will best suit the look that you’re trying to achieve.

8 Months

• Once you’ve found your fabric, deliver it to the dressmaker and have your measurements taken while you’re there.
• Put down your deposit and sign the contract.
• Ask about when you should come in for your first fitting and mark the date in your calendar.

3 Months

• This is probably about the time that you’ll be going in for your first dress fitting. Don’t forget to take along the lingerie that you’re planning on wearing on your big day, as well as any accessories you’ve already purchased, like shoes and jewellery.

1 Month

• Continue having your dress fittings until you’re completely satisfied with the alterations.
• Whenever you have a fitting, don’t forget to move around a bit. Sit down, walk around, give a twirl (never underestimate how much dancing you’ll do at the reception), and even do a few squats (this ensures that the dress isn’t going to tear while you’re on the loo).

2 Weeks

• If you haven’t already done so, go and pick up your dress, girl. Keep it somewhere safe, where it’s not going to wrinkle.
• Pay the final amount, if you haven’t already.

The Big Day

• Put those bridesmaids to good use and have them help you into your dress.
• Stand in front of the mirror and gaze at your beautiful bridal glow.
• Now go show off that gorgeous dress to your groom!