Top 5 Bridal Shower activity ideas we ♥ right now!

Coming up with the perfect ideas for  Bridal Shower activities can be tough work! Finding the balance between fun, lovey and cheesy (sometimes) can be difficult. So we have come up with our top 5 ideas we are loving right now to help make your Bridal Shower a hit!

1) Bridal Shower Quilt:

Miss C in the office has adapted this idea for her own shower in a few weeks and is doing the following:

– Prepare pieces of fabric (any shapes and sizes you would like to make up your quilt: squares, hearts, hexagons the list goes on!) in colours that either match the wedding theme or fit in with the Bride and Grooms home colour scheme. (1 or 2 for each Bridal Shower guest- depending on number of guests and how large you would like the quilt) and bring along some fabric pens.

– Ask each guests to bring along/ have memorized 2 things for their sections of the quilt. 1- A beautiful message to the bride/ bride and groom wishing them well or some great love advice/ happy vibes! And 2- a love quote/ song lyrics/ piece of scripture/ love poem or anything at all that means something to them they would like to share with the Bride!

– Have each attendee write out their message and love not on their squares during the party (perhaps before the bubbly is popped and everyone has a clear mind!) This is not only sweet but can be really fun! Have everyone share the quote etc they have come up with ♥ – At the end collect all the sections of quilt and have Mum, Nan, Great Aunt or anyone who has a little sewing skills pop them all together to create your very own lifelong bridal shower memory you can throw on your fave chair or snuggle up with on winter nights!

(For an extra special touch why not go over the words written in fabric pen with stitching to really make it a work of art! Sew on a few lace/ pearl/ extra embellishments and voila!)


2) Datebook:

LOVE this idea so sweet and fun. OK so this idea is about creating a datebook for the Bride and Groom, a calendar filled with lots of fun/ romantic/ sexy ideas for things the Bride and Groom can do during their first year of marriage.

You will need to organize the following:

-12 cards all labeled with one month of the year on them –

pens (pretty colours if you can)

Ladies at the shower pass around the cards and write down some fun ideas for the Bride and Groom, until each month has at least 3-4 ideas on them. You then collect all the cards order them starting from the month after the wedding and turn them into a cute little datebook!

Some suggestions for Bride and Groom outing ideas:

– Cook your hubby his fave dessert on Saturday night and watch The Notebook!
– Take a drive down to (local winery) and have a wine day!
– Play checkers while eating cheese and crackers.. that is all!
– Hubby to bake wife some delicious bread and make a fab herb butter together- enjoy on a Sunday afternoon!


3) Cooking Class For the Foodie Bride:

Perhaps the traditional sit down with friends might be a bit of a bore. Why not hire a chef to come to the house and teach the Bride and her ladies to make something delicious! If shes a sweetie perhaps a baking class? Whatever the choice, after all the fun of learning you can then all partake in the yumminess you have created together!




4) How Old am I Game:

Set up a bunch of pictures of the Bride all the way from Birth up to present time, have them labeled 1-however many and ask the ladies to number them from the youngest picture to the most recent. The lady with the highest number of correct guesses wins a fabulous prize! (mani/ pedi voucher maybe?)





5) Couples Quiz:

Set up a Trivia blowout about the Bride and Groom! Set as many questions as you’d like about the happy couple Eg- Tims fave colour is? Lexi’s dream house would be located in? They met at? The list of possible questions is endless! Remember make them fun and not too easy. Lady who answers the most questions correctly gets a fab prize! (Bottle of bubbly perhaps?)

Remember the Bridal Shower should be fun, and filled with activities/ games that the Bride (most importantly) will enjoy and remember forever ♥