With civil ceremonies more popular than ever there are literally thousands of celebrants to choose from.

The decision is highly personal, however you need to make sure they can get the job done on the day.

what to ask your celebrantHere are 10 things you should ask your celebrant before making your decision..
1. Are you available and do you book more than one wedding per day? (think brides running late etc etc)
2. What are the costs involved and what does that include? (pre meetings, PA systems etc etc)
3. How many ceremonies have you conducted?
4. Can we see your credentials (IMAGINE if they didn’t have the legal boxes ticked)
5. Can you help with planning vows? What works, what doesn’t etc etc
6. What will they be wearing on the day? (make sure its in line with your dress code etc)
7. Do you have any testimonials? can we speak to some of your past clients?
8. What is your communication style? ( funny, serious, all loved up etc etc)
9. Do you have a stand in for “just in case” moments?
10. Whats the worst thing thats happened at one of your ceremonies? (shows ability to roll with the punches)
So, thats it, the Bride Online Top 10 Questions to ask your wedding celebrant. Check out our directory for a list of celebrants in your local area.