Meet Mona Chung, a Melbourne Celebrant

Mona isn’t your average Melbourne Celebrant, bringing her unique skill of storytelling, she creates a personalised service that brings tears of joy and roaring belly laughs. A Ceremony to remember.

I was always actively involved in events in university. So when people started getting married, they would ask me to help with theirs. It wasn’t long before I received so many recommendations for weddings it became a job. I became a Melbourne civil celebrant when I had this idea to truly make the ceremony more personalised without using poems or lyrics. I trialled it on a few friends and it was an immediate hit. The moment I became a celebrant, I was almost fully booked the first year without any advertising!

Mona Chung Celebrant
Photo: Gold & Grit Photography
AT home Wedding by Mona Chung
Photo: Gold & Grit Photography

What is your style?

My style is to interview the couple and those closest to them then compile, edit and create three unique readings:

A letter to your family
Where guests will get to know how you two became who you are today and get a glimpse of the family you will create. A wonderful opportunity to thank your family for their years of love and support.

A selection of comments and stories
from closest family and/or friends about you two – it’s always a bit of fun.

A letter from the bride and groom to each other.
leads so nicely into the vows

I read them out as a nice voiceover so everyone can just sit an enjoy. Till this day, photographers and videographers still tell me there is nothing else like it out there. Everyone is engaged and interested in the ceremony, it is really nice. I often have people coming up telling me “I cried and laughed so hard – I don’t even know the couple – I’m just a +1”

Kiti & steven married by Mona Chung

What do you love about being a celebrant

Everything – I get to meet people at their happiest moment and be a big part of making their day memorable.
In addition, I get to meet other amazing, talented, committed wedding suppliers.
I am surrounded by love and beauty – that’s amazing.

Can you share a Career highlight?

Pretty much a few times every year I would have couples who ask me what days I’m free and would accommodate their wedding date, time and venue to make sure I can be their celebrant. That is very humbling and flattering.

Can you share a time things went wrong?

So much can go wrong! From falling wedding decorations/rain in an outdoor ceremony to running/noisy pets & children or musicians that don’t turn up. All of that is just part of the fun so it’s no big deal. I just happily roll with it because my ceremonies are quite relaxed. Getting to know my couples so personally means by the time their wedding day comes around, I know exactly how to put them at ease.

What are your top 3 favourite wedding locations?

Mona Chung Backyard wedding
Photo: Oy Photography


People really don’t realise it doesn’t take lots of money or people to make the wedding day memorable and special. Some of the most intense and memorable weddings were at home and only had a few people involved.

Celebrant Mona Chung estate wedding
Photo: Stuart Leishman Photography


Melbourne is blessed with so many gorgeous gardens. A green background always makes the day gorgeous – it can even just be the local park

Private estates

There is something special about feeling like you are welcoming family and friends into your stately home. Melbourne has so many and some are by the water’s edge. Staff are always lovely and helpful. Couples are spoilt for choices in Melbourne for private estates that can host anywhere from 20 people to 500. All of them are lovely.