Meet Nat Sproal, The Melbourne Celebrant

Nat Sproal is a Melbourne celebrant who describes her ceremonies as relaxed, warm and Cheeky! Nat realised that becoming a marriage celebrant was the perfect move. She has always loved being around people and never shy of the spotlight. As her website states, this chick comes with a dash of rock n roll, so you are guaranteed to have an absolute ball during your ceremony!

how did you become to be a celebrant?

I was a nurse for 20 years prior and after leaving to have my girls I just didn’t have it in me to return. It totally broke my soul in the end. My friend was a celebrant and encouraged me as it’s a natural fit for me- I’m a people person, I love writing, I had experience presenting and I wanted a positive work environment that I could manage entirely myself for a change.


In Melbourne, Celebrant Nat Sproal at Wedding
Photo: Anna Taylor Photography

What is your style?

Definitely relaxed, warm and cheeky/ fun. Stiff, formal, traditional weddings are not my thing at all.

What do you love about being a celebrant?

Meeting people, getting to know them and hearing their stories. Meeting lots of other amazing vendors who are a tonne of fun also. It’s a very social job which I love and everyone is so grateful and happy.


I got choked up saying the amended Monitum ‘Marriage is the union of two PEOPLE’ for the first time.

Melbourne Celebrant Nat Sproal with Andy and Dave

Can you share a Career highlight?

Def marrying my first same-sex couple. It was an amazing wedding, full of emotion and good vibes. I got choked up saying the amended Monitum ‘Marriage is the union of two PEOPLE’ for the first time. The crowd went nuts.

Can you share a time things went wrong?

Honestly, stuff goes wrong all the time. It’s never life altering though. I’m pretty unflappable and just roll with things. Sometimes the things that go ‘wrong’ result in the best memories (and photos) ie the wedding mascot dog won’t move out of the way for the ring exchange, a flower girl has a tantrum on the aisle etc. I’ve had bridesmaids faint and drunk guests.

I’ve dealt with people for a very long time so unless someone dies I’m not going to get too worked up about it- I just deal with it. I’m not averse to telling someone to pull their head in or talking straight with an overbearing mother in law.


Photo by Fern and Stone of Nat Sproal, Celebrant in Melbourne
Photo by Fern and Stone

What are your top 3 wedding locations?

Ohh.. hard!

Rupert in Collingwood

Rupert in Collingwood for sure. It’s beautiful, unique and the management is brilliant- to their clients AND their vendors, which is so nice.


There’s just nothing else like it.

Tanglewood Estate

Tanglewood is off the charts too.

There are so many beautiful parts of it and that’s before you even get to the Chapel! I love an urban, warehousey wedding too so I’m busting to get out to Gather and Tailor, Glasshaus, Noisy Ritual and The Line. Bring em on!


Nat Sproal, Melbourne Celebrant with Bek & Lloyd
Photo: Valley Peak Weddings


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