Is a Civil Celebrant the Right Choice for You?

Wedding celebrants are a fantastic resource for those who prefer to be married without a single religious affiliation.

Because their primary use lies in their legal import and free of religious restrictions, they’re often associated with ceremonial flexibility and ease. If you’re considering hiring one, or perhaps multiple celebrants for you big day, make sure you’ve thoroughly thought through the following considerations.

  • civiil celebrantThe cost of being married by a civil celebrant is generally around the same price as being married by a religious minister.
  • Civil celebrants are the perfect solution if you’re marrying someone of a different culture or religion, as they provide a religiously unbiased ceremony.
  • They can also, however, be more accommodating if need me. They’re usually willing to incorporate religious passages and traditions from multiple cultures and religions.
  • On a similar note, if you are marrying someone of a different faith and would like two separate officiants to represent each of your religions, you’ll find it far easier to find two celebrants who can cater their services to suit both your needs than two religious officials to preside over an inter-religious ceremony.
  • Couples who do not have particularly strong religious ties often opt for celebrants as they do not feel they need the blessing of a religious institution, or evenaffiliated with it in any way.
  • A civil celebrant enables you to personalise your wedding by writing your own vows and even, on some occasions, planning what is said and what happens for the entire ceremony!
  • They may be more flexible than a religious official in marrying you wherever you choose (depending on your religion and the beliefs of you religious official).
  • Generally speaking, it’s faster to organise a celebrant than a religious official, as there are more available and religious locations are popular destinations for wedding ceremonies (meaning that they get booked further in advance).

When choosing a civil celebrant it is important to tell them what you want and be confident that they can deliver what you have in mind. As civil celebrants are more flexible in their approach, it’s even more important that you remain clear about what you want to happen on the day. From personalised vows to incorporating faiths a civil celebrant may be the alternative you have been looking for.