5 Effortless Ways To Organize A Fancy Wedding 

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable and magical days of your entire life. With that said, you probably want it to look and feel as fancy as possible. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you should be able to make the most out of it.  

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As you plan your fancy wedding, there are plenty of things that you ought to consider and do. These include: 

Choose The Right Wedding Car 

A grand entrance to your wedding venue will make a great impact. With that, you should choose the right wedding car! 

Ideally, you should select and rent one from the best and most luxurious wedding cars Sydney or wherever you reside. With this, you don’t have to worry about driving your car as you can rent the best one out there anyway. Moreover, you can ensure that your vehicle would be wedding car material as rental companies can provide the look you’re going for.  

Go Grand With Flowers 

Flowers play an important role in every wedding as they can help bring out that romantic vibe. And, while they might look like a small feature to add, fresh flowers can be costly, especially if you’re looking for imported ones. To make your wedding look fancy and magical, you should add as many fresh flowers as possible.  

Apart from making the wedding venue look romantic, fresh flowers will help prevent it from looking empty. You can add flowers to table centrepieces or create a flower ceiling, such that your guests would feel like they’re entering a floral forest. You could also create a floral wall décor, allowing people to use it as their backdrop for their photos. 

Skip The Buffet 

A buffet meal is common in most weddings. This setup gives your guests the freedom to choose the foods they’d like to have on their plates. However, if you’re aiming for a fancy wedding, a plated serving would help you achieve such a goal. This way, your guests won’t have to worry about falling in line at the buffet area; they simply have to relax on their seats and wait for the servers to give them their food.  

When going for a plated service, you must ask your guests about their food preferences so they could fully enjoy their meals. You could also ask them about specific requests and allergies, allowing yourself to know which ingredients you should avoid. This would allow everyone to have a pleasant eating experience.  

Choose An Extraordinary Venue 

If your goal is a fancy wedding that every single guest of yours would remember for the rest of their life, it pays to choose an extraordinary venue. Apart from booking a museum or a hotel ballroom, you should consider having an out of town venue, such as the Whitsunday region, allowing you to have an amazing beach wedding experience.  

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, you should consider your guests’ accommodations so they won’t have any trouble travelling. You could also provide them with welcome gift boxes that they could use while they hang around your wedding venue and wait for the event to start. It’ll be a grand gesture that your guests would surely appreciate. 

Add Fancy Stations 

Apart from the dance floor, it would be great if you could also give your guests an option to walk around your venue and enjoy the perks that you’d like to offer them. This way, they’d have more things to do, which they could honestly enjoy!  Each of these stations could also serve as a great conversation piece.  

For your wedding’s fancy stations, you may choose to add a bar station, wherein you serve some of the best tasting wines and other types of beverages for your guests to enjoy. You can also add fancy snack stations, allowing your guests to have something to munch on while waiting for the wedding to start, or just whenever they feel like doing so. 

As you add fancy stations to your wedding, don’t limit yourself to foods and beverages as you can also add a small activity area for everyone to enjoy. This way, you can maximize what they can do besides dancing.  


A fancy wedding can be expensive, but it’s definitely worthwhile. Since it’s a once in a lifetime event, you’ll have to ensure that you make the most out of it. It’ll be a great memory you can share with your partner as you grow old together, as well as it’ll allow your guests to have fun. Just ensure that you really brainstorm all the designs you’d want to incorporate and keep all the elements balanced.