Wedding Cakes V's Cupcakes

Over the last few years we have seen cupcakes creeping into wedding receptions  in place of the traditional tiered wedding cake. We aren’t saying it’s a bad thing, actually we love cupcakes.  We would love to know what you guys think.
Cupcake Pros
The flavours, the colours, the decorations!
Not only do they look amazing when displayed on a super cute cupcake stand, they are perfect for those who have dietary needs and would normally miss out on “normal” wedding cake.  Have a few “gluten free” cupcakes decorated differently for those who cant enjoy the real thing.
DIY- Since you don’t need a degree in cookery to create cupcakes its an option to try and tackle the job yourself. Some advice from someone who has handmade 100 cupcakes for a friends wedding:  keep it simple.
Cupcake Con’s
Time consuming and can be expensive.  Due to the amount of manual labour involved to craft each creation this can end up being expensive if having them made by a professional.
People eat the decorations and leave the rest (such a waste)
You don’t get to “cut” the cake
You cant keep the top tier of your cake for the traditional anniversary celebration
Some oldies might think it’s a little childish
Wedding Cake Pro’s
Its traditional (will keep those who like all things traditional happy)
Relatively easy to transport and move around the venue
If you choose a simple design and decorate it with your bouquet the costs can be kept down
You keep the top tier for the traditional anniversary stuff ( or late night snacks if you get desperate)
Wedding  Cake Con’s
Dont try this at home. It’s recommended that only professionals tackle a full blown wedding cake extravaganza
Misjudging the size of the cake can mean that you may run out
So, whats your opinion?  Vote below and tell us what you think!

Image: Cherry Tree Bakehouse