Winter Bonbonnieres to Warm You From the Inside Out

Hundreds of candles, roaring fires, red wine and a hearty meal – it’s easy to see the appeal of a romantic winter wedding. For many brides it’s a tempting choice, because it’s unexpected and unusual, but it’s also more affordable as it’s out of season. If you’re looking for inspiration for your winter-themed nuptials, we’ll show you some seasonal bombonieres that are the perfect way to say thank you.


Wrap Up

Husbands and boyfriends will only be chivalrous to a point – let them keep their jackets by providing pashminas or blankets. Not only will these keep all the ladies warm, but they’re a practical favour that your guests will actually use, and then take home and use again.


Something to Sip

Warm your guests up from the inside by giving them drinkable favours. Attach the words Love is brewing onto a burlap bag filled with coffee beans, or print it on a small tin filled with instant coffee. For all the tea drinkers, you can put loose leaves or a tea bag into a little box, and decorate it with the phrase The perfect blend. If you’re looking for something sweet (or for the kids!) you can have a classic winter choice: hot chocolate. Add the dry ingredients into a jar and tie on a pretty ribbon, or display it more creatively, like in a test tube, inside a clear christmas tree ornament, or as a block of chocolate on a stick that will dissolve in hot milk.


Light My Fire

One of the first things we associate with winter is a blazing fire, so give a gift that is sure to make all the lads smile – pine cones dipped in wax, which happens to be perfect for kindling. These have a dual purpose, as they can also serve as rustic place name holders. You could alternatively choose a beautiful candle with a rich smell, and a box of matches with the phrase The perfect match or Match made in heaven.


A Knit Fit

Gloves, mittens, scarves and socks – these are great options that will most definitely be used at your winter wedding. Pick a muted shade to match your theme, or be bold and pick vibrant colours just for fun. You can also attach a cute saying like ‘Love keeps us warm’.


Wine Time

A bottle of wine always makes a great gift! Say thank you to your guests with a bottle of red, which they can take home and uncork at their own special meal. Consider having one bottle between each couple, if you’re worried about the price tag. Other useful favours are personalised wine glass charms – so you never lose your glass again – and wine bottle stoppers, especially if you pick something with a winter theme, like a snowflake. Slip a note onto any of these gifts, with the words: Eat, drink and be married.


Snack Attack

Edible bombonieres are usually a great hit, and you also have plenty of options. Soup is the perfect comfort food when it’s cold, so package the dry ingredients for an easy recipe, and then add in the cooking instructions. Do you have a favourite biscuit? Wrap up a few of those for each guest or think out of the box and give everyone a cookie cutter – like a heart – which can also serve as a place name holder. Chocolates will always go down well, and other yummy suggestions are mini pies in individual boxes, or packets of roasted nuts, and gourmet- choclate covered marshmallows or pretzels – none of which are likely to survive the journey home after your wedding.


We Glow Together

What embodies the coziness of a winter wedding better than a sweet- smelling candle? Aside from being practical, candles offer a sense of inimacy and warmth (could you ask for anything that’s in better keeping with your wedding’s theme?), and are easy to personalise- both in terms of looks and smell! If you want a pre-packaged candle, check out this phenomenal array of stockists, or if you want to craft them youself, follow this sensational guide. 


Love Mugs

Most people enjoy drinking something warm during winter. Make your guests remember your amazing wedding with every sip by giving them a mug. It can have a heart, the date, your names, their name or a simply thank you on it. For something more subtle, use the underside of the mug. In keeping with the winter theme, you can also ask every granny you know to knit a few cup sleeves (or you can go the printed route!), which can be a fun, creative and useful favour.

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Keep It Spicy

Do you have a secret blend of herbs or spices that are the perfect accompaniment to a leg of lamb? Make your clandestine mix and give it to your guests to make a hearty winter meal. Another option is to give everyone a bottle of your favourite hot sauce. You can add a message to either bomboniere with a fun phrase like: Seasoned with love or Thanks for spicing up our day!


The Gift of Globe

Who doesnt love the cute, kitschy throwback of a snowglobe? These whimsical, mason- jar versionss are easy to make, useful (think paperweights and bookends), and sure sentimental hits! Pop in a personalised object into each separate globe for a gift that will be fondly appreciated for years to come. Visit this ingenious site for a step-by-step tutorial!


Bath Time Bliss

Everyone knows that you need an extra bit of pampering during winter. Give the ladies pretty soaps, a bottle of sugar scrubs, a bath bomb, or bubble bath, to be used on a chilly night, and for the men – lip balm. You can write a fun saying with any favour you choose, such as: Our love is the balm!


Message On a Bottle

One way that’s bound to warm up your guests, and get them dancing, is a mini bottle of something alcoholic. You coould either give a variety to each table,  such as a spirit, cream liqueur and port, or take a leaf out of the Baltic’s book for dealing with cold, and infuse vodka with any flavour you like! For winter, we love cranberry- lime, oreo, chai spice and rosemary.  For instructions on how to do so, check out this absolutely fab guide. For the teetotallers, consider sending them home with bottled virgin cocktails.


A wedding bonbonniere is your way of saying thank you to everyone who attended your wedding, and it can be as simply or elaborate as you’d like. Embrace the season and choose a favour – whether edible or wearable – that will leave your guests feeling warm and loved.