Why Leather Bags For Women Are Bridal Must-Haves

Your wedding day can be one of the most precious moments of your life, and it only makes sense to look your best on that special day. Aside from choosing the best wedding gown, you need to be wise about what accessories to add and use. Your bridal bag is one of the wedding essentials that will add flair to your bridal look. 

With so many handbag options available in brick-and-mortar and online stores today, selecting the best option might get stressful and overwhelming. But when you use this article guide, the journey shouldn’t have to be that way. One wise option is to go for leather bags. 

Why Leather Bags For Women Are Bridal Must-Haves

Here are some reasons why leather bags for women should be wise to use on your wedding day:

1. They Come In Different Designs

Fortunately, many handbag designers have come up with beautiful and ideal designs intended for special occasions such as your wedding day. Like other bag materials, leather bags also come with different design options. Once you know all these different styles you can choose from, choosing a leather handbag to carry on your wedding day will be easy as cake. 

First, you need to think about the handbag’s function and then the style preference you want. What matters most is that you’re happy and satisfied with your decision to use the most fabulous leather bag.  

Here are some of the leather handbags that are worth considering:

  • Clutch Bag 

One great tip when choosing the best bridal bag is to match it with your gown and shoes. The safest option for brides is a classic leather clutch in white or a lovely pastel shade. Most bridal gowns are typically in shades of white or cream, making white or pastel shaded-clutch bags an ideal match for your whole outfit. 

Clutch leather bags come with classic and minimalist features that will make you elegant as ever. You can add a chain strap if you want to add even more functionality to this type of handbag. If you prefer more details on your clutch, some clutch leather bags come with embellished designs and patterns.

Leather Clutch Bag

  • Leather Work Bag

On your big day, it’s natural to carry many things for preparations. Thus, it makes sense to carry your leather work bag, for instance. This will contain all your wedding essentials, such as cosmetics, spare invitations, perfume, hair accessories, extra shoes, and so on. You can never go wrong with a leather work bag to fit and accommodate all the essential things on your big day. Von Baer recommends you choose a full grain leather handbags, as it will last longer and is more durable as it’s a better-quality material than cheaper leather.

Tote Bag From Von Baer
Tote bag from Von Baer
  • Leather Small Handbag with Accents

If you’re into finer details, you might want to go for a small leather handbag with accents like fringe and stones. Adding unique embroidery to a small leather bag will make you stand out even more. One of the famous accents for brides these days is pearls. Some leather handbags come with pearl stones, which work great with any bridal gown and shoes.

Leather Small Handbag with Accents

2. Easy To Care For

Brides should go for leather bags on their big day because they’re usually easy to care for. These luxurious items look expensive and valuable in every way, but they don’t require much care. Leather bags don’t need to be washed and dried like canvas materials. While there are some leather-polishing creams to use, you may apply them once a year to maintain their natural oil. You can apply some tips and tricks to take care of your leather handbag.  

It’s an excellent investment to buy leather items, and it’s wise to use them on your wedding day. Using it for a long time will make it look better, and it can even last for a lifetime. A few years from now, you can keep using your leather handbag as you get reminded of the most special day in your life.

3. Water Resistant Features

It’s possible to make the leather resistant to water and other liquids by treating or waxing it. Opting for water-resistant leather handbags is even better if you’re holding your wedding outdoors. You won’t have to fear when it rains and ruins your handbag.  

Leather is a natural material that makes it ideal for bags and purses. Their scent, patina, and water resistance all go hand-in-hand. A leather bag’s water resistance depends on the process and components it’s treated with. Hence, you must find a water-resistant leather handbag if this feature comes in handy at your wedding.  

Also, another advantage of leather is they don’t attract mold and mildew growth even after it gets wet. There won’t be chances for your leather bag to be damaged after it rained. Wet clothes or tissue papers can easily be used to wipe down your leather bag and restore its original condition.

4. Timeless Style

Many women and brides wear leather handbags because of their timeless and classic style. Unlike other trendy bags, leather handbags never go out of fashion and style. All eras and seasons consider genuine leather stylish. You can even pass your purse down as a family heirloom for the next bride in your family.  

It’s undeniable that real leather ages exceptionally well, regardless of how tastes have evolved. The popularity of leather for decades can indeed be attributed to its style. This must-own accessory will never fail to elevate a bride’s look for sure.

Why Leather Bags For Women Are Bridal Must-Haves

5. Sustainable Option

One of the essential benefits of leather is that it reduces the potential waste products of a vast industry worldwide. In comparison with other industries that manufacture synthetic materials, leather-making uses far fewer chemicals to treat hides. Waste management practices are often difficult to implement in many bags manufacturing companies. This is a different case for leather bag companies. They use a far lesser waste-inducing bag-making process, which doesn’t add more rubbish to the landfill.  

In the future, you’ll keep buying leather bags because of this environmentally friendly procedure. There’s also the fact that these leather handbags are long-lasting, so chances are you’ll get to keep using them even after your wedding day. You can give it as a gift to your kin after your generation, and they can still be able to use it.


Achieving your dream wedding might be your top goal. However, you should also pay attention to choosing the right accessories. When shopping for a perfect bag on your wedding day, it can be tiring to sort through the many options available. However, you can expedite your handbag shopping by understanding the different benefits of using leather handbags for special occasions. You can come up with an ideal choice after considering your style and function preferences.