5 Ways To Make Your Virtual Wedding Extra Special

Due to the pandemic, many social restrictions are put in place to curb the spread of the virus, especially in Australia.

In essence, face-to-face activities and travelling are highly discouraged. Gatherings, even if allowed, are still limited to a small number of guests only.

For brides who have planned out their wedding for years, this has been a letdown. This means that another round of planning must be done to work around the new travelling and gathering restrictions.

However, anything is still possible with a good dose of creativity and resourcefulness. If you’re here to find some ways to plan a virtual ceremony that everyone will enjoy and remember, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to help you out.


Send Out Fun And Personalized Virtual Invitations

There’s no doubt that virtual wedding planning can be a great way to cut costs. But one thing you need to remember is that you’ll still be sending invitations. Now, remember that an invitation is the first contact you’ll make with your guests, so make sure that it is done in the most memorable and fun way.

How can you make your virtual invitations fun? Start with a witty or funny line like:

  • We’re going virtual!
  • Love is not cancelled.
  • We would love to have you join us… Virtually!

You can do many things to create a virtual invitation that’s memorable, special, and fun. Aside from that, make sure to include details like what your guests are supposed to wear during the ceremony (even if it’s only virtual) and add steps on how they can join the virtual ceremony.  You can also choose different wedding fonts that fit your theme and personality.

Create a Wedding Website

If you’re one of the many couples out there that have not considered creating a wedding website where guests can log on to view invitations and other wedding information, you should strongly consider making one. You should look for fun ways to make an entertaining and updated website, not just for you, but for all the people who can’t attend your wedding.

How do you create a fun wedding website? Add pictures of you and your partner from when you were kids to when you started dating. People will enjoy looking at how you and your partner have developed the relationship as they go down a trip to memory lane with you.

You can also ask your friends and family for testimonials or pictures so you can add them to your wedding website. Furthermore, you can upload your prenuptial photos and videos on the site to hype up your virtual wedding!

If creating a website is too much work for you, then you can create a private Facebook group where your family and friends can get updates and information about your upcoming wedding. You can also upload photos and videos on a Facebook group page, so it’s also a very useful tool to keep your guests in the loop!

Get Creative With Your Wedding Backdrop

Sure, you may not be allowed to have guests over, but that does not mean you aren’t allowed to decorate for your wedding! Backdrops are an essential element to any wedding ceremony. They set the mood and add to the decor and overall style of your special day. For example, arches are commonly used at churches, so you can add one to give an impression that you’re in a church.

Floral arrangements and wallpapers are also popular decors for a wedding. This is a great way to add a fresh vibe to your backdrop. A more minimalist floral arrangement would be suited if you like a modern-themed wedding.

Send Gift Baskets To Your Guests

Wedding baskets for guests may sound like a basic thing, but you would be surprised at the number of couples who have not thought that this is still possible in a virtual ceremony. Make your guests feel included on your special day, even when they’re not physically present, by sending them unique wedding baskets before or on the day of the occasion!

To make them feel more special, you can send them personalized gifts and include items that they can use to celebrate with you. Most gift baskets include a bottle of wine so they can participate in a virtual toast. You should also include wedding favours or souvenirs as a remembrance for your special day.

Plan An After Wedding Virtual Party

After the wedding ceremony, you can also have a virtual party for your guests. They can drink and make a toast with the wine you sent from the gift box, and you can also let your best man or maid of honour say a speech online.

You can also plan a fun virtual party game to make the event more enjoyable and interactive. Don’t forget that you can record the virtual event and send the video to people who weren’t able to attend your ceremony. You can also upload the video on your website or Facebook group!


The pandemic had a significant impact on the wedding industry. Many couples had to cancel their wedding until gatherings are allowed again, while some decided to hold a smaller or virtual ceremony instead. But even if you opt to hold a virtual wedding, you can still make it extra special.

You can start by sending out fun and personalized invitations and set up a wedding website or Facebook group where you can also place important announcements. Lastly, even when everything is virtual, you can still be creative with your wedding backdrop and send out exciting wedding gift boxes to your guests!