Top 6 Luxury Accessories Brides Can Wear On Wedding Day

Top 6 Luxury Accessories Brides Can Wear On Wedding Day


A wedding is the most anticipated day for brides as they want it to be memorable. The steps taken in preparing for the big day are always hectic but come with excitement. Getting your wedding dress alone isn’t the end of wedding shopping.

You will still have to settle on the type of accessories you need. Wedding accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, and many more, will tie your look together by complementing your wedding dress.

Listed below are some accessories that will make the bride feel beautiful during her big day.

A Watch

A bride can settle on a watch that will elevate her look, and its versatility and elegance will give a put-together look that exudes style. It also turns into a wardrobe essential once the wedding is over.

When choosing the Best Luxury Watches for Women, go for something that complements your dress and won’t overshadow it. If your gown has intricate beadwork, you can wear a slim band, bracelet-style watch.

In addition, consider your theme to avoid clashing. For example, a casual watch will be more appropriate if you have a beach wedding. Ensure that your wristwatch matches with the rest of your accessories, such as the ring.


A bride’s necklace is the perfect accessory to add extra glitz and glam to your wedding look. With so many options, though, brides tend to get overwhelmed on what to settle on. Begin by choosing a type of metal that will go well with your dress’s skin tone and colour.

Next, settle on luxury necklaces with sapphires, aquamarine, and turquoise colours. You can use your chain to incorporate something blue. Your necklace should complement your dress without making it look too busy.

Likewise, choose a necklace style that works well with the neckline of your gown. Keep in mind that the shape of your neckline should determine the length and type of your necklace.


Earrings have always been present in a bride’s accessory list as they compliment her and make her look complete. Settling on a type of earring will be influenced by several things, such as the style and type of the wedding dress.

For instance, gold earrings will blend in seamlessly if you have a darker-toned wedding gown. However, if you are leaning towards brighter tones, diamonds or other stones, such as emerald, will be perfect.

The style of the dress will also influence your earring choice. Brides with modest dresses may opt for more extended earrings, while lace wedding dresses may go perfectly with pearls.


Choosing the suitable bracelet will be your first step, whether you want a flashy or subtle look. If you’re going for simplicity, wearing a bracelet with varying widths will make a perfect look.

For a vintage look, opt for a bracelet with pearls, decorative diamonds, and gold that complements your wedding dress. A tennis bracelet will be perfect for brides who love a simple and sophisticated look or a classic bride style.

If your theme is in the colour of a gemstone, then you can never go wrong with coloured stones on your bracelet. Moreover, pair your bracelet with other jewellery pieces of the same style or go for a bridal cuff.

Hair Accessories

Weddings are perfect for getting a bridal makeover from top to toe. As a result, you can’t compromise on your hair accessories that will significantly make your hair more appealing with different styles and updos.

Choosing any hair accessory will depend on a bride’s hairstyle. A tiara or crown will be befitting for brides who want to feel like princesses. However, for brides who want their hair held up and intact, a headdress will give comfort while still making heads turn.

As for brides who would love to hold their hair in a bun, you can incorporate it in your wedding by using a hair brooch to keep it intact.

Bottom Line

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding; it starts with her outfit choice down to the song to be played on the dance floor. Because of this, getting the right accessories should be a top priority. A bride can opt for a watch instead of a bracelet to add elegance and versatility to her look.

Wearing a necklace will add extra glitz and glam to your entire look. To avoid an incomplete look, go for earrings that complement your outfit rather than stand out. Bracelets will add an extra flair to the overall look of a bride who isn’t a big fan of watches.

A bride is only ready when her hair is styled, and getting the right hair accessories will be instrumental. Depending on the type of hair she wants, she can choose from various accessories that will keep her hair in place.