Sniffing Out the Best of 2014's Flower Trends

What’s a wedding without the explosion of colour or heady perfume of your favourite flower? Along with the look and smell, flowers also add texture, create an atmosphere and allow you to express your personality. Make your wedding a blooming success with these top trends.


Hottest Floral Themes

According to International Floral Distributers, there are four themes that will dictate flower choices this year:

Aqua Culture

From teal to tiffany, and cobalt to cornflower, it’s shades of blue that dominate the wedding palette. The pantone colour of the year is Radiant Orchid and this fits in perfectly with this watery theme. It’s not restricted to beach weddings and any bride can choose these soothing hues for their special day.


The flowers to pick are: agapanthus, hydrangea, nigella, iris, delphiniums, monkshood, hyacinth, lavender and blue-green succulents.


With the Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey and the Roaring Twenties, vintage-inspired themes are as popular as ever. This nostalgic nod to the past has moved away from rustic elements, to more opulent ones, so combine classic and traditional flowers, with fur, feathers, pearls or rhinestones. These dramatic and romantic accessories perfectly complement a pastel colour scheme, which includes blush pink and soft peach. Balance these out with neutrals – cream or light grey – or use metallic accents in one of the season’s trendiest colours: gold. For the more adventurous bride, mint green and butter yellow are also popular options.


The flowers to choose are: peonies, garden roses, calla lilies, carnations, tulips and orchids.


Sunshine yellow, Kelly green, fuchsia, tangerine and cyan – this theme is not for the faint-hearted. It’s an explosion of colour and contrast, and it’s perfectly suited for a fun and fearless bride. Take inspiration from Pop Art Weddings and summer festivals, and use these vivid hues and bold patterns in clashing ways. Be the centre of attention when you walk down the aisle holding a statement bouquet, and if you want a touch of glitz, add gold or bronze accents.


The flowers you want are: gerbera daisies, dahlias, carnations, gloriosa lilies, pincushions, poppies, carnations and zinnias.

Grand Lodge

The subtle style is also called “mountain chic” and it’s a glorious combination of rustic sophistication. The greens and browns of nature dominate this country theme, but these textures and colours should be contrasted with metallic sheens and sparkling crystals. Flowers should have a “just picked” feel and should be paired with moss, fern, bark and wood.

(Courtesy Leze Hunter Photography)

The favoured flowers are: roses, hydrangeas, fern tips, sweet peas, baby’s breath, clematis, dianthus and poppy pods.

Floral Trends Fit For the Fanciest of Queens


These exotic plants add texture to your bouquet, work perfectly as boutonnieres and are visually interesting as table decorations. Their grey-green shade goes with most colours and they are exotic, resilient plants that work well in the Australian heat.



Flowers are beautiful but they can also be expensive. A lush, leafy and less costly option is to use foliage. Bring the outdoors in by using ferns, loops of grass, ivy, vines and moss, and mix your greens with branches, berries and bark.



Scented herbs are appealing to the eye and the nose, so combine thyme, rosemary, lavender or mint into your flower arrangements.


Floral Crowns

They’re for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls, and they can be sweet and dainty or complete showstoppers.


Cascading bouquets

Tight, round arrangements are giving way to looser, less formal trailing styles. These romantic bouquets have tendrils of jasmine, clematis and orchids that naturally hang down and achieve a carefree look.



Brides are choosing to have only one type of flower in their bouquet and it’s often their favourite.



Blooms are big and mismatched, and arrangements are looser and less formal, running the length of a table rather than the traditional tight ball.



A wedding isn’t complete without a touch of something shiny, and the most popular method of achieving that this year, is by adding in a personal memento. Use a few of your grandmother’s brooches in your arrangement, or tie the stems using a strip of your mother’s wedding dress and a locket with a picture of a loved one. Pearls, rhinestones and feathers – in moderation – add the touch of sparkle that you need.


Wow factor

Stun your guests and make a statement with suspended floral centrepieces, elaborate flower installations over the dance floor, real trees inside your venue or confetti cannons that shoot rose petals as you leave the venue.

Floral fashion is as diverse as a bouquet of freshly picked wild flowers, and this guarantees that you’ll find a trend to match your wedding theme. Stamp your own unique style on your day, by picking a posy that perfectly suits your personality, and if you’re still undecided, just follow your nose.