Jewellery Checklist

We love jewellery. What we love, even more, is when someone purchases jewellery for us! The only thing we love better than that is wedding jewellery.

From the engagement ring and wedding bands to necklaces and bracelets worn on our wedding day, there’s just so much to love! This checklist will help you love the wedding jewellery shopping process, almost as much as the jewellery itself, by keeping stress levels to a minimum.jewellery checklist


One Year (Or More) to Go

• If you’re like many modern couples, your fella may be planning to propose – or perhaps he has already proposed – and has decided to allow you to accompany him, to the jewellery store, to pick out the perfect engagement ring. Choose wisely, future bride, this little circular piece of metal will be with you for the rest of your life, and viewed by all who see your left hand (that’s a lot of people).

8 Months

• Start researching wedding band styles. Sit at a computer, or flip through magazines, with your honey, and decide on some styles that you both like.

7 Months

• Print out pictures, or cut out clippings, of wedding band styles you like. Take these to reputable jewellers and see if they have something similar available.

• Once you find something you both like, order the rings and put down your deposit.

• Make sure you figure out your ring size in store- jewellery stores use different measuring systems, and will often advise that even if you know your ring size in according to one system, you try on rings according to their specific system. Although ring measuring systems are similar, they are, of course, not identical. And having to have your ring resized because you assumed you were one particular fit is not a headache you need to deal with! Note that pave rings or rings that are covered in diamonds/ precious stones all the way around the band will not be able to be readjusted, so when it comes to this variety, it really pays to measure twice, and cut once.

6 Months

• Once you’ve chosen your dress, start the search for jewellery that will match – this includes necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. When looking for jewellery, keep in mind that it also needs to match your shoes, hair pieces and other accessories.

• Shop around, take advantage of seasonal sales, and ask chain stores if they can beat a lower price from a different store.

3 Months

• Continue paying off your rings and go to pick them up when they’re available in the store. Make sure that they still fit perfectly. If not, now’s the time to have them adjusted.

• When you go in for your dress fittings, take along any of the jewellery you’re planning to wear on your big day. Make sure that it doesn’t overpower or clash with your dress and that it isn’t going to snag on the fabric.

1 Week

• Have your engagement ring polished. You want it to sparkle almost as much as your smile as you walk down the aisle.

• If you’ve borrowed your wedding jewellery, or are going to wear pieces that have been hidden away in your jewellery box for a while, have them polished up too.

The Day Before

• Make sure that the best man – or someone extremely responsible and trustworthy – has the rings.

• If you have a cute little ring bearer in your wedding party, attach replica rings to a pillow for him (or her) to carry down the aisle. If you’re really brave, you can attach the real rings with a single thread to the pillow, and pray that they don’t go missing.

The Big Day

• Adorn yourself with your beautiful jewellery and take a look at that bling in the mirror.

• Smile – tears of joy are optional – as your husband slips your wedding band onto your finger, and vice versa.

Post Wedding

• Take good care of all of your jewellery – you never know what will end up being an heirloom.

• Avoid dropping your rings down the sink, at all costs.

• If you ever need your rings’ size adjusted, always take them to the jeweller you purchased them from, or another reputable jeweller in your area.

• Have them polished every 1 year to 18 months (1 year for silver and white gold, and closer to 18 months for yellow gold and platinum).