Completely Obsessed With Ombré


Meagan Dill


When it comes to wedding decor, one of 2014’s hugest trends is ombré – that is, a gradual fade between one colour and another. I, for one, really hope that this trend sticks around for a while. I love that it’s so simple but makes a big visual impact and is endlessly versatile.

You could, for example, go ombré with your table runners, flower arrangements, placecards, your wedding cake or even your bridal gown. Or if you can’t pick, try making ombré a recurring element in your decor by making use of it in a couple of central pieces. Just make sure you don’t overdo it as it works best when contrasted against a plain backdrop (preferably some shade of white). Generally speaking, ombré is associated with soft, pastel colours but that’s not to say that a bolder bride shouldn’t apply it to brighter colours instead if she so wishes. You can never go wrong with customising a trend to suit your own taste. That way, even if the trend moves on you’ll still be able to enjoy the way you adapted it.

Would you or are you incorporating ombré into your wedding decor? Which colours? Personally, I’m a sucker for a light pink or peach or both. Totally girly and totally classic.