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Meet Leanne & Steve

Steve and I met through mutual friends. He was so shy when we first met I never ever dreamed that 7 years later we’d be getting married.
We spent as much time as we could together and had his cousin who he worked with at the time going nuts with him talking about me.
He’s so funny and we just clicked, well, once he started talking to me, and we were hardly ever apart.

The proposal

He was the most romantic I think he’s ever been when he proposed to me.
Managing to get most of our families to the zoo, with the ring and champagne and all, all with me having absolutely no clue what so ever!!
He asked me the night before what my favourite part of the zoo was and I straight away said the butterflies, and that’s where he popped the question, and I had no clue!
i was ditzy that day I tell ya… looking back I should have picked something but… I didn’t… and i’m glad. it was perfect

Your Wedding Day

The beginning of the day seemed so normal, even having the photos taken, but when we pulled up at the ceremony, we pulled up a little too far, so we had to reverse a little, Steve said his heart skipped a beat and he wondered what was going on!

As soon as I saw Steve standing up there before I’d even gotten out of the car I had butterflies… my heart was beating so fast! I couldn’t wait to get to him.

The girls said as soon as I came into view I literally took his breath away, I watched him wipe away a tear or two as I continued to walk, he was still wiping at his eyes and I laughed telling him not to make me cry… not that it worked!

we said our vows… they were both wonderful! he made me cry more and I made him smile when I remembered some of mine without our celebrant saying it first. the sand ceremony was lovely and the vase has come out soo well!

our dance was a big hit!! all the oohs from the fireworks starting up and some comments called out… and a hum of oh my gods as the music played up and Steve walked off… one of the girls said to me she was shocked and feeling really bad that it had all happened until he walked back on and the jive started… and the fireworks went nuts! the video guy said it came out brilliantly and I’m stoked… can’t wait to see full footage…

oh and to top it off… dad had organised for his friends Torana to take us out at the end of the night… the look on Steve’s face was brilliant!

Our day couldn’t have been more perfect!