3 Things to Try If Your Engagement Ring Is Loose

3 things to try if your engagement ring is loose

When you accept your engagement ring from your beloved, it will be a day you remember for the rest of your life. Ensuring that your ring stays safe and is properly fitted should be one of your first priorities. If your proposal was a surprise, it’s not likely that you were able to properly size your ring, and it may need to be adjusted.

Having your ring resized can take a few days and in some cases, can change the integrity of the ring itself so you need to be sure about your sizing needs. Many things can affect the comfort and fit of your ring including weight gain or loss and temperature. Many people’s fingers can swell or shrink when the temperatures change, affecting the fit of their rings. Before you send your ring in for resizing, you should determine what the fitting problem is and if a full adaptation is necessary.

A few different sizing solutions are available that don’t include a physical change of your ring. Essentially, you want your ring to be the right size where you won’t risk losing it, and you have a comfortable fit. Whether you had your ring custom-made by James Allen Australia or you are passing down a family heirloom, you want the fit to be perfect. Let’s take a closer look at a few solutions to try if your engagement ring is a bit too big.

Sizing  Beads

If you need to make your ring smaller to have a more snug and comfortable fit, you can ask your jeweler to add a few small sizing beads. These are simple beads of metal that are welded to your ring band to reduce the size of the gap in your fit. Sizing beads are placed on the inside of your ring band, so they can’t be seen. Most sizing beads will reduce the size of your ring by a half-size. This is an economical way to have your ring fitted and can be done in just a few minutes.

Spring Insert

If you need to adjust the size of your ring by a full size, your jeweler may try using a spring insert. A spring insert is a small piece of metal that is shaped like a horseshoe, and it acts as a liner on the inside rim of your ring band. A spring insert will help reduce the gap between your finger and your band to make your ring smaller. There is tension on the spring insert that allows it to separate when putting it over your knuckle and then open in place once it is situated in place. This is a slightly more complex installation for your jeweler but can generally be done in just a few hours.

Sizing Bar

A sizing bar may be perfect for those that don’t want something permanent welded onto their ring. Your jeweler can use a sizing bar that is shaped like a U and has a clasp on one side in just a few hours. The sizing bar allows you to open the clasp to put on your ring and then snap it closed once your ring is in place. Your sizing bar can reduce the size of your ring by up to two sizes.


If your engagement ring isn’t the perfect fit, you may want to consider these methods of resizing your ring without cutting into the metal. A sizing bar, spring insert, or sizing beads are affordable options to help you make your ring more comfortable and safely in place.