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Vintage Fun Meets Modern Elegance…. with the emphasis on FUN 🙂

It goes without saying that you’d want your wedding captured beautifully… but who needs difficult pricing, stuffy attitudes or upselling?

I’m Davin, the founder and principal photographer at Bliss Images, where you’ll see a slightly different approach to weddings.  If your wedding day isn’t fun for you, it’s not going to be fun for us either.  We wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t fun…  and I suspect, neither should you 🙂

Don’t worry, we know how to be serious too.  We were handpicked by the US Government to photography Hillary Clinton, and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t for our good looks and quick wit!  But honestly, we just LOVE to get out and photograph + film a gorgeous country wedding…. real, everyday people without the attitude, simple as that!

Not everyone can make a country wedding work, so we’ll still give just as much love for a city wedding (as long as you secretly tell us you really wanted it in the country)!

Disclaimer: if you’re planning an over-the-top wedding to impress a bunch of stuffy people you barely know, we’re probably not going to be the photographers and videographers for you.  Having a country wedding on the other hand… I’ll apologise in advance in case we abandon all dignity and start begging for an invite 🙂

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