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Meet Trish & Paul

Initially, we were introduced travelling on a train to an 18th birthday party I was attending with a friend to keep her company. Paul and I had many things in common and soon became really good friends talking on the phone and catching up as friends occasionally together with the friends from the birthday party. After a year or so our friendship grew, we decided to take a chance and start dating to see where it would take us and 7 years of dating and approximately 8 years as friends here we are now.

The proposal

It was such a fabulous spring day. Paul suggested going for an afternoon drive to spend the day out. We drove to the Maroondah Dam and walked up the rose steps where it opened into an endless view of the water and enjoyed the scenery. Next, we stopped off at Skye High in the Dandenongs which I had been hinting to try. We sat down taking in the views and enjoyed a delicious meal which was well worth the wait. We left Skye High and drove to the Boulevard where Paul was on one knee with my ring.

Your Wedding Day

February 3rd on a 29-degree day and everything re-confirmed. My hair and makeup were complete and my dress on ready for photos. Once photos were done, I was ready to go….but wait, where were the cars LATE! They arrived and got me to the church at 2.20pm for a 2 pm mass. The men looked anxious and Paul nervous but we got through it! The wow factor when I walked in the church was amazing! We then went to 3 locations for photos including the venue which had incredible landscaped gardens and enjoyed a well-planned wedding reception with 170 guests at Ballara Receptions where the staff, food, location and atmosphere were perfect. A truly unforgettable experience that was enjoyed by family and friends. The band Melody Line was the best band I have come across in a long time, she was so accommodating and professional the dance floor was never empty. They even had to ad-lib with the songs at the end of the night as our farewell circle went a lot longer than anticipated.

The bridal couple departed Ballara Receptions about midnight and were welcomed by the night staff at the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins with congratulations and a brilliant room with champagne and strawberries and late departure was a must. This really complimented a long day and welcomed a much-needed rest.