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Meet Anastasia & Taso

We first met when we were in high school, though we did not go to the same school we had friends who were brother and sister.
I first noticed Taso at my girlfriend’s house way back when I was 12, he did notice me too but he thought I was too young for him then. As the years progressed we randomly bumped into each other in odd places, he finally noticed me at a Greek festival held in Brighton-le-sands on the street by the gutter. I told him to meet me at O’Donoghues in Emu Plains on a Friday night

The proposal

We were at our friend’s house on New Year’s Eve for a bbq, his friends were hassling him asking him when will he propose (we were going out for 4 years at this stage)? and he kept answering ‘next year’. I was quite annoyed at this stage. I went to him to give him a kiss and a hug to say a happy new year, we were still hugging he pulled me away from everyone and says ‘can I ask you a question?’ and I said ‘yes’ he showed me his pinky with a ring. I ended up balling.

Your Wedding Day

It was the perfect blue sky with no clouds in sight. The day started off quite well but as expected a few hitches went off. We had such a ball but we also made sure that we also took a step back for the day to sink in. Our priest was very funny, during the Greek Orthodox ceremony the groom has to bow his head, our priest decided that Taso hadn’t bowed his head low enough and gave him a helping hand, roars of laughter rang through the church, when he finished saying his blessings from the Bible, he gave Taso a whack on the head, Taso ended up blushing from the embarrassment. When we came out of the church they rang the bells for us which was such a lovely gesture. We had some beautiful photos taken at Cabarita bay by the water and in the park. At our reception my gorgeous groom decided (for a laugh) that for a wedding present to me he would give me a broom, he also gave me a heart pendant which splits in two. After we cut our cake we heard our first dance song come on so we started dancing, we were so unaware that our MC hadn’t said anything but when we looked at him he said to us that he hadn’t told us to start dancing so we had a laugh from embarrassment and stopped, they brought out a huge bunch of red roses that my new husband had bought for me.