Lea & Kain | Real Weddings New South Wales

Meet Lea & Kain

We first met in High School, though we never dated at the time. We both studied English, Classical Studies and Drama together, even performing scenes from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. Kain claims to have asked me out, but apparently I politely declined as I had a boyfriend at the time. Fourteen years later, a mutual friend brought us together for some catch up drinks. Sparks flew, we kissed, we tried to take it slowly, but it became clear we were meant to be, and things progressed rather quickly from there.

The proposal

Less than six months after we had started dating, Kain spontaneously proposed to me on Christmas morning at my parent’s house. We were lying in bed, reminiscing about the festivities the night before (my family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve) and he propped himself up on one elbow and asked me to marry him. It was a simple, honest and heartfelt proposal. I replied ‘Of course!’. We already knew so much about each other from school, it didn’t take long for us to know that each other was ‘the one’.

Your Wedding Day

We wanted our Wedding to be a relaxed affair; casual and with a sense of humour. Our ceremony took place in the Sydney Botanic Gardens, under a beautiful Morton Bay Fig tree, at a little used spot, next to a carving called the Split Drum. On the walk there with my bridal party, my veil flew off in the wind. I knew Kain and I had promised each other not to let silly, little things spoil the day, so I flung the veil over my father’s arm and happily continued on. I walked down the garden aisle to Jose Gonzalos’ ‘Heartbeat’ (well known from the Sony Bravia bouncing ball ad). Our readings were song lyrics, which got a good giggle from the audience, and we included light-hearted moments in the ceremony.

Our cocktail reception was held in The Rocks at The Argyle Function Centre. This meant that everyone could easily walk over, stopping for a drink on the way if they wished. The Reds Room is an old wool store, so it had beautiful floorboards, wooden beams and exposed brick. Our main colours were red, white and silver, for an old-school Hollywood feel. My cousin is a theatre designer, so she helped me source props from the Sydney Theatre Company to compliment the beautiful pieces from Decorative Events.

We had plenty of live music thanks to my brother and uncle. Kain and I sang a song together and our talented friends performed a medley of dance faves. The iPod was loaded with tracks, so people could choose songs themselves.

Our cake was a Krispy Kreme tower and our bridal waltz changed spontaneously to a mash between ‘Lady What’s Your Name’ by John Swan and Kiss’s ‘I Was Made For Loving You’.

All in all it was an awesome night!