Wendy & Travis | Real Weddings Queensland

Meet Wendy & Travis

Travis and I met through mates, at the good old Espy one night in St Kilda…..
It is special to us that our closest friends brought us together.

The proposal

Travis is a tradesman – so I expected that when the day came for him to ask me to marry him it would be over a beer at the local pub. But he went all out and while on a romantic holiday in Paris, he prepared some beautiful words & statements and delivered them all to me along with his Mothers engagement ring while on the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Your Wedding Day

Since the day I got engaged I began picturing what my wedding day would look & feel like.

I pictured the dress, shoes, food, decorations, flowers, drinks, suits, jewellery and many other special little things that would make ‘the day’ perfect.

But on reflection, I have realised that what makes ‘the day’ perfect is actually the time you get to spend with family & friends before, during & after the wedding that make this day a wonderful celebration.

It’s more than just that one day, it’s a festival!!

Below are words & statements that will paint for you a picture of a few things that made our festival wonderful.

BBQ’s & beers the week before,
Flicking through magazines and choosing hair do’s with my beautiful bridesmaids a few nights before,
Practising the waltz with my maid of honour a few nights before,
Hugs, kisses & laughs from friends & family on arrival at the resort the day before,
Ironing the dress the night before with your most trusted mate,
Beach Bocce in the morning,
Grandma’s jewellery,
Peach Roses,
Black & white bridal party,
Gold flower girls,
First Look,
Beach breeze,
Song for Guy to walk down the aisle with Mum & Dad,
Sand dunes ceremony,
“You have all been important parts of Travis and Wendy’s lives…”,
“I promise to respect you, support you and promise to always love you”,
Big Bro – smooth MC,
Roof top canapés & cocktails,
Beach sunset,
Mai Tai’s & Mojhito’s,
Peking duck filled crepes & Moroccan meat balls,
Pork Belly & Caesar salad,
4 x speeches,
Jason Mraz – “I’m yours”,
Penguin cake toppers,
After party,
The big clean up with your family & most reliable mates the next day,
BBQ’s & beers the week after