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Meet Lauren & Richard

We met on the online video game World of Warcraft. We’re both huge geeks and became great friends while playing. After a few months of knowing him via the game and through chatting on MSN, I decided I’d take the plunge and go meet him in Sydney, just as friends. Two years after that he moved to Melbourne and five years later, we’re married, guess the “just as friends” thing didn’t work out.

The proposal

We actually decided that we wanted to get married, and went to my (psuedo) cousins jewelery store to make up a design for my ring. We decided on a tsavorite garnet set in white gold.
When the ring was ready they called Richard to tell him he could pick it up, so he went early in the morning, telling me he was going to work. About an hour later he came home again (after stopping at my parents on the way to ask my Dads permission) pretending he’d forgotten something, got down on one knee and popped the question!

Your Wedding Day

Our day was a huge mix of tradition and our personalities.
We had three attendants each. My colours were soft green and soft pink. The guys all had their own geeky cufflinks and wore Converse Chucks with their suits, and underneath my dress was a knee-hi pair of blue and black striped socks (my something blue) and a completely sequined pair of Converse Chucks. My girls wore heels to the ceremony, and for most of the photos, but I got them some Chucks too, as a present, so we have a couple of photos where the whole wedding party is wearing Chucks.
We were married at the stunning Inglewood Estate, Kangaroo Ground. Us girls were half an hour late (due to someone following us to the venue getting lost), but we arrived in Hot Rods, so that made up for it.
Our ceremony was preformed by Mark Stewart. We had a reading called “Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog”, as hubby and I are both huge animal lovers, and did a ring warming, which so many of our guests found touching.
At our reception we had a photobooth, which doubled as our guestbook when people glued their photos into a book and wrote a comment next to it. We had an attendant there the whole time to help them with it. Everyone had a great time in the booth and our guestbook is awesome.
Our first dance was to Kate Miller-Hedike’s Space They Cannot Touch. We’re not the best dancers, but we giggled our way around the dance floor.
Our garter toss included an epic lightsaber battle, which was absolutely hilarious.
Truely the best day of my life. I want to do it again and again!