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Meet Danielle & Mark

Mark and I first met when I was 14, and he was 17. I remember him saying “I’ll have to put her on layby”…. I had no idea what he meant at the time. A few years later, I was 16, he was 19, and we starting ‘going out’. We completely clicked right from the start. I still look back now at diaries I had when I was 14, with ‘I love Mark’ all over the pages. We are in love just as much today as we were back then.

The proposal

I’ve always wanted to get married in the same church as my mum & dad got married in- & I always wanted to get married on our anniversary, in 2011. I told Mark from the word go, that he had 9 years to get himself sorted! Last year, I made an enquiry about the church, and they were booked – I was devastated. A few weeks later, they called back, saying they had a cancellation on MY day, and would I like it? I jumped the gun, and booked the church myself! Guess what Mark… We’re getting Married!

Your Wedding Day

Waking up on the morning of our wedding, we were faced with the newspaper headline – “Hottest day in Sydney in 86 years” – it was due to be a scorching 44 degrees in Coogee that day, which is where we were getting married.

Arriving at the church with my dad was everything I had hoped it to be (apart from the lack of air conditioning!) and to see all of our family and friends there was amazing.

Between the church and our reception, the heat was almost unbearable, but everyone was in high spirits and we got some spectacular photos overlooking the water at Coogee.

Our reception was incredible – We had it held in the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach. Guests had cocktails and canapé’s on the pool deck and then were escorted into the ballroom.

The ambience was fantastic – the food was incredible – and I had just married the man of my dreams – what more could a girl want?

Our first dance was to Michael Jackson “Remember the Time”, and I shared a special dance with my father to “My Girl” by the Temptations.

After a wonderful night of dancing, drinking and special memories, our Bridal Party came back to our Suite at the Crowne Plaza, and we all walked down to the beach for a swim at 2:00am. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

Getting married on our 9 year anniversary together was something we had always wanted to do, and the day is something we will never forget!