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Meet Cassandra & Daniel

I was having a girls night at home when Daniel and his friends dropped in, they worked with a friend who was over that night. A year later, we were celebrating another friends birthday when Daniel dropped in again, it was winter and cold so we all ended up inside where it was warm. After talking for hours we fell asleep together and woke up freezing, it wasn’t until an hour later that we realised there was a heater 30cm from our heads. We still get picked on for not seeing the heater.

The proposal

We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and went to Marina Mirage on Sunday 5 August. Daniel kept walking through the shopping centre but didn’t couldn’t decide, finally he decided that fresh air would help him decide on where to eat. He walked to the jetty and approached a gondola and asked if any were available, they greeted each other by name and we climbed aboard. After dinner he proposed with a 1 carat diamond solitaire and asked simply “So Cassie, will you, you know, marry me?” After crying and confirming he was serious I said Yes.

Your Wedding Day

Daniel wanted to arrive in style, after all, the groom normally arrives with a friend or family member while everyone waits for the bride. We surprised all our guests and the groomsmen with a helicopter dropping Daniel and his groomsmen off.

I was very calm all day, I had no hesitation about marrying my best friend Daniel, until the helicopter arrived. We live in the resort that contains Links Hope Island Golf Club so I saw Daniel arrive, I started crying as my limo arrived because that was my groom in the helicopter and he was arriving to see me and marry me. It was very emotional.

Walking down the aisle with my uncle as my father had passed away, I had to be held back, when I saw Daniel at the end of the aisle I started to run towards him, everyone laughed at my excitement.

During the ceremony, every time our celebrant said, husband or wife, I started giggling I was so happy and had to stop the ceremony for multiple tissue breaks.

While we were getting photos, our guests were treated to home made chocolate rum pots that Daniel and I make, we personalised them by designing a shot glass with our wedding details for each guest to keep. A sign saying “something to eat, something to keep” was displayed for the guests. The guests were also treated to an assortment of wine from the winery I worked for as well as canapes.

We entered the reception space where our guests were already seated with dry ice placed in the fountain in the center of the room.

Our wedding cake was made by my best friend and maid of honor and was 3 tiered. Traditional fruit soaked in port, white chocolate & tahitian lime, Chocolate hazelnut

The day will pass very quickly, so make sure you enoy every minute of the day.

Daniel and I made a rule that we would not walk more than a metre away from each other during the night, we wanted to share the same experiences and not lose each other in our families.

Things will go wrong on the day, don’t sweat any detail, your guests will not notice that the cake table was supposed to be on the other side of the room. They will notice if you get upset and cause a fuss.

Make sure you have someone to look after your top tier of the wedding cake. Mine was taken home by a work friend and was cut up and shared amongst my colleagues.

Most of all, as soon as you see your guests, you become their property. They will drag you around to speak to someone and you will have to pose for photos for the 20th time with the same people. Any plans you made will become null & void until you speak to these people… again and again.

We wanted a traditional wedding and tried to follow as many “rules” as we couled.

As my father had passed away 7 years earlier, my uncle who I met for the first time at my fathers funeral walked me down the aisle. We didn’t feel right asking my uncle to give me away, so instead, we asked our mothers to promise to support our marriage as they supported us during childhood and to each us the secrets of marriage, the same way they taught us as we grew up. They each read their own vows to us and finished with an I do each.

I wore a custom made 4 meter veil that was made detachable from a shorter blusher and fingertip veil. I kept the blusher down during the entire ceremony until we were declared as husband and wife. I kept the veil on all night. The long veil ensured we had some amazing photos as our photographer was more than happy to play with the veil.

Daniel arriving in the helicopter was a surprise for everyone. Daniel informed the groomsmen they had to be ready by 1pm as the limo was arriving to take them all for some professional photos. They arrived at Marina Mirage and had a beer overlooking the Gold Coast Marina while they “waited” for the photographer. After Daniel went for a walk to check on the photographer, he finally decreed it was time to go and started walking down to the jetty. They were almost at the end of the jetty when a helicopter suddenly turned on its blades. The groomsmen all exclaimed how amazing it would be to arrive by helicopter when the pilot climbed out and congratulated Daniel and asked if the boys were ready, they all fell over