Hannah & Awities | Real Weddings Victoria

Meet Hannah & Awities

Awities moved to Melbourne in 2006 to study as a pilot. We met that year when he started coming to my church. He apparently fell for me from the very first moment he saw me but I was with someone else at the time so didn’t really notice. We started dating three years later and within a few months knew we were going to get married.

The proposal

Awities had plans to do it differently, but during his speech at his 21st birthday decided as a spur of the moment thing that then and there, with all our close friends present was the best time to pop the question. He had already bought the ring two months earlier but was waiting for the perfect moment. Of course I said yes!

Your Wedding Day

We got married on the 2nd of July 2011. I always wanted a winter wedding as it’s my favourite season. The ceremony was held at our church, where we first met. And the reception at Sky High in Mt Dandenong, where we had our first date, so both locations were close to our hearts.

Even though it was the middle of winter, we had beautiful weather and sunshine all day.

The service started at 2pm and it was very special to have my dad marry us and involve my mum and Awities’ parents in the service too.

We had a dinner reception at 6pm overlooking the night lights of Victoria.

As Awities is originally from West Papua, we had some friends do a traditional West Papuan dance for us. At the reception we had 150 guests and it felt very intimate and cosy with an open fire and all our family and friends their.

We couldn’t decide on a single cake, so we actually had 13 big cafe style cheesecakes and cakes, and everyone got to choose which cake they wanted. That was really popular!

After the reception we spent the night at Mantra hotel near the airport so first thing in the morning we were able to take a plane to Bali and have the most wonderful honeymoon.