Taryn & Richard | Real Weddings Victoria

Meet Taryn & Richard

My best friend had started dating Richard’s younger brother, and both played football, so as the friend I tagged along to quite a few games, and watched this spunky man running around on the field. One night we had a chalk fight around the pool table and the rest is history…

The proposal

We flew to Harvey Bay for a relative’s wedding and on the way back we stopped off at the Sunshine Coast at our favourite B&B. The morning after, at our buffet breakfast on the balcony, he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I naturally said “of course” so he said “well you better put this on then” and showed me the rock on his pinky that has not left my finger since!

Your Wedding Day

Our day went without a hitch, everyone’s dresses and suits fit perfectly, no-one was late, the make-up and hair was fantastic, the flowers were gorgeous, the day was sunny. I actually got to the garden a little early so I spent a bit of time watching people arrive at my wedding (and noting the late-comers!) The only hitch we had was that our celebrant wouldn’t let us kiss after we’d said our vows, we had to wait until AFTER we’d signed the register – which I thought was very weird – but the kiss was still awesome!

We had picked some great locations for our photographs and the reception was like walking into a fairytale, the tables were set beautifully, the lights were just right, and everyone had such a wonderful time. Nothing will ever beat that first dance with my husband.